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His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON HOLD)  by _Abha_
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON ~Yours Truly~
"His Fate, Her Faith" The heart accomodates someone for once but when it does, the place gets reserved for that particular person for lifetime. However, fate i...
ANIDITA: The epitome of love by archanaavanaganti
ANIDITA: The epitome of loveby nyctophile
hi guys.. my mind always wondered what would have happened if bondita lived in rc haveli, even after their nullification of marriage.. here anirudh slowly started things...
Barrister Babu:- Pure Love Of AniDita by Sweet_Mishti
Barrister Babu:- Pure Love Of Mishti
Its a cute Love Story of anirudh and bondita related to some events happened in show but in my imagination, bondita age is 11 years and anirudh age is 21 years, here ani...
ANIDITA - THE BARRISTER COUPLE by aakankshajha8079
Story of Anirudh roy chaudhary and his wife Bondita roy chaudhary based in the town of Tulsipur in late 1920's . They were married when Bondita was 11 and Anirudh was 2...
Pyaar ❤(Anirudh And Bondita)  by SheshtShesht
Pyaar ❤(Anirudh And Bondita) by Shesht Shesht #andita
This story is based on 2 couple, they marry in difficult situation. Bondita and anirudh is the main characters. Saudamine is the lover of anirudh since childhood. We wil...
Anidita: Love Me Always OS/TS/SS Collection  by Anidita_Life
Anidita: Love Me Always OS/TS/SS Anidita
Completed Collection of OS/TS/SS of Anidita. Writting on Anidita for the first please give it a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed. 1. TS | Meeting After Years 2...
Obsessed with little one  by DhvaniMehta0
Obsessed with little one by Dhvani Mehta
Anirudh roy choudhury was totally obsessed with her little wife where would his obsession lead to him anirudh's age : 25 bondita's age : 16
ANIDITA:-his replaced bride💘 {Completed} by love_soul_10
ANIDITA:-his replaced bride💘 { love_soul_10
Based on my favourite jodi anidita ...❤️❤️
One Shots For The Heart by AnshikaaDixit
One Shots For The Heartby Anshika Dixit
This is gonna be a collection of One Shots, mostly based on Barrister Babu you all are free to share your ideas❤❤
THE PRINCESS SERIES by jewelledfeather101
Ever wondered how adorable Aniruddh is with his daughter(s). May or may not follow canon always❤️
Anidita : With you always by ishii23
Anidita : With you alwaysby Ishi
Anirudh, a barrister by profession, leaves his house with his wife Bondita to prove his worth to his father. They start living in a small house somewhere in the village...
Jag andhera tu sitara mera (Complete ✅) by Sinthia_BD
Jag andhera tu sitara mera ( Sinthia Tasnim
This ff was created on Colorstv's most popular show barristerbabu. Its totally based on my imagination. I am starting my story from Manorama and Anirudh's marriage tra...
Dalhousie To Heart's Journey (Paused) by Seven_Stars_123
Dalhousie To Heart's Journey ( Love
(ONGOING) A sweet love story revolving around two people who consider themselves as each other's world. Cover credit : Seven_Stars_123 "The final verdict of life i...
My pure love 🤍 by Varshutales
My pure love 🤍by
Hi guys this is my first ff. I am huge fan of aurrisht so I am writing this ff based on the tv show named 'BARRISTER BABU' hope you will guys love this story. luv u all ...
Anidita- The Rhythm Of Love [ ON HOLD ] by iam_anks03
Anidita- The Rhythm Of Love [ ON Ankana
Sometimes we take wrong path while doing something good for someone and keep making more mistakes while trying to make everything correct. Unknowingly, we end up everyth...
Anidita - Beautiful Lies  by Seven_Stars_123
Anidita - Beautiful Lies by Love
(ONGOING) "We meet to part & we part to meet. Such is the art of our love we live". Beauty of love lies in pain. Unless you know how it feels to be pricked by...
Anidita - Weapons or Love? (Can't help falling in Love with you!) by Anidita1234
Anidita - Weapons or Love? (Can' AH_Writings
Anidita - Weapons or Love? Purely Based on My Ideas! Bondita unaware of the fact that Anirudh is doing something big! How will she react? Will she leave him or Support...
Rudhita The mistake by panda_2005
Rudhita The mistakeby CHULBULI ☔
Hey guys it is a story based on Colors tv show barrister Babu
Barrister Babu Fan Fiction by Ravikumarmadhumitha
Barrister Babu Fan Fictionby RAVIKUMAR MADHUMITHA
Just think of the world when annirudh gives divorce to bondita. Attempting to write a different story. I know you guys have seen many fanfiction. Just give a little time...
AURRISHT -OS  by desiii_novelss
here my second book where I'm going to write stories about AURRISHT in one shot okayyy do you guys excited Wattpad author ✍️ mehwish checkout my first book ANIDITA-NOOR...