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Anidita - safar 💜 os/ts/ss series by bhumika_chandwani
Anidita - safar 💜 os/ts/ss seriesby bhumika_chandwani
hey lovelies. this is my second book on serial barrister babu. this is an os / ts series. this book will contain os and ts based on various moments of anidita . plotted...
BONDITA - 'The Injured Lioness..' by ksaurav15
BONDITA - 'The Injured Lioness..'by A.Saurav
This is my 4th Fanfiction on Anidita... So basically this ff will start from the end of the sanyasi track with a different plot... Read intro part for more info...
Anidita-- tere pyaar mein ❤️ by bhumika_chandwani
Anidita-- tere pyaar mein ❤️by bhumika_chandwani
Raaton mein khwaab tera hai..... Dino mein hai baatein teri..... Maan mein hai tu.... Or dil mein dhakan teri... Tujhe paakar duniya se hui dur ... Teri bahoon mein hona...
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak Chalne Wala Pyar  by mprvn36
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak mprvn36
Our story starts from Anirudh marrying Manorama and left Bondita in trauma. Even her own mother gave consent to her jamayibabu . She is insulted very badly in public. w...
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeat by ksaurav15
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeatby A.Saurav
This is my second fanfiction... ( FROM MANORAMA TRACK..) And I am stating this ff from that second marriage of anirudh... And his two choice for bondita... Where she do...
Tark- His Penned Chronicles by Jahanavi002
Tark- His Penned Chroniclesby Jahanavi002
When 10 year old Lolita finds a diary amidst the hatred of World War 2, she gets acquainted with three Characters Anirudh and Bondita and the person who has written the...
Dalhousie To Heart's Journey (Paused) by Seven_Stars_123
Dalhousie To Heart's Journey ( Love
(ONGOING) A sweet love story revolving around two people who consider themselves as each other's world. Cover credit : Seven_Stars_123 "The final verdict of life i...
barrister babu by SadiaKhan048
barrister babuby Sadia Khan
its my first fanfiction.hope you guyes will like this.
Barrister Babu 2 by A_storyteller20131
Barrister Babu 2by A_storyteller20131
One storm came and took the peace and happiness of the Roy Chowdhury family far away. The Roy Chowdhury family overcame all the hardships and struggles that came in thei...
ANIDITA - Just Them.  by ksaurav15
ANIDITA - Just Them. by A.Saurav
OS AND TS series.... My writing will make u cry, laugh, emotional etc.. #1 Anirudh... 18/08/22 #8 bondita.... 9/08/22 #2 ts... 15/1/23 #5 aurrabhatnagarbadoni... 13/10...
Anidita - Kuchh Toh Hai...      by ksaurav15
Anidita - Kuchh Toh Hai... by A.Saurav
What happen when a father of a 6 yrs daughter married a widow woman to save her from society....??? How will they cope up with each other when both are just opposite...
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON HOLD)  by _Abha_
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON ~Yours Truly~
"His Fate, Her Faith" The heart accomodates someone for once but when it does, the place gets reserved for that particular person for lifetime. However, fate i...
ANIDITA FF: IS IT LOVE? by I_am_ffwriter03
FF of our cutest Jodi-Anidita..Similar to the show.Both share a strong bond butAnirudh and Bondita both r confused if they love each other or is it just affection! Peep...
This is an entirely different story . The characters are same, but the story is new, romance is new and the plot is entirely different from the serial.. Anirudh roy chau...
Anidita: A Happy Family : Rejuvenation Of Dreams  by Saborna_shree
Anidita: A Happy Family : Saborna_shree
This is a fan fiction story based on Indian tv series "Barrister babu " aired on Colors tv. This piece of mine is based on the post leap story and timeline goe...
Barrister Babu- Carrying The Torch by Alecia238
Barrister Babu- Carrying The Torchby Piya
The proliferating rivalry amidst Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur lead Anirudh to a way which he'd never thought he'd advance towards. The path of spite, hatred and agony! Bo...
Rudhita : Love or Hate? by RKspeaks
Rudhita : Love or Hate?by Lavyaa
Amidst the enmity of KrishnaNagar and Tulsipur, the new Barrister Bondita Das makes numerous attempts to bring her Sakha Babu on the correct path, only to get shattered...
Anidita: Journey of Dreams and Divine love.  by Bhoomika2622
Anidita: Journey of Dreams and Bhoomika
Aniruddh and Bondita married to each other in abnormal circumstances but destiny played its role in background made them realise each other's importance and gradually th...
Pink Roses ✓ by urjaaannn
Pink Roses ✓by Jaann
~Completed~ "Why do you want a girl from only and only Krishna Nagar? There are many girls in Tulsipur too." Trilochan exclaimed. Anirudh perched on the couch...
Lamp of Love by kritishaSIyer
Lamp of Loveby Kritisha
Hey This is Kritisha. This is entirely my imagination of Colors famous show Barrister Babu. It depicts story from Bondita becoming Barrister and Anirudh and Bondita figh...