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Re:zero and the boy who commands by Okdhcvng
Re:zero and the boy who commandsby Ok dhcvng
Y/N L/N has died... Now the impulsive child has sent himself to Re:Zero, with the powers of the Ten Commandments from the anime, Seven Deadly Sins I don't own anything e...
Yet Another World (Re:ZeroxRWBY)  by Sterron
Yet Another World (Re:ZeroxRWBY) by Hayamodo Mishizu
It has been roughly almost two years since Subaru had been transported to another world, and roughly around six months since his return from Vollachia. He had made a nam...
Rezero React To Memes And Pictures  by Subaruayanokoji
Rezero React To Memes And Pictures by Subaruayanokoji
On Hiatus Some of the Re zero cast got transferred to an unknown place where they are going to react to Re zero memes English is not my native language This is my firs...
Re:Spider In Another World by Kingkari_vines
Re:Spider In Another Worldby Kingkari_vines
Ok! Let's do this one last time, like for real this time yeah? My name is Subaru Natsuki! And for the past 4 months! I have been Japan's one and only Spider-Man! I'm sur...
Re:Zero - No More Secrets by Ja_K515
Re:Zero - No More Secretsby Ja_K
Natsuki Subaru has been trying to keep the existence of Return by Death a secret. However, after waking up and talking with Emilia after dying at the hands of Rem, he co...
Lying to Ourselves by Confessor123
Lying to Ourselvesby
Avatrice AU When Bea has a rather sexual dream one night in Switzerland, panic ensues. Both women are forced to confront the thing that's been growing between them.
It all started with a game by Rachelle470
It all started with a gameby xoxo_moodie_xoxo
"Since you're a player, let's play a game. "Let's cuddle, and kiss, and play fight. We'll tease each other, go on dates, meet each other's friends and families...
mercy - peter ballard by piercethejuni
mercy - peter ballardby juniper
"mercy, are you still with me? i'll give you anything. take it all away." (STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 - STRANGER THINGS SEASON 5) PETER BALLARD/HENRY CREEL/001...
(Rem x Reader) Re:Reader - Starting YOUR New Life in Another World by _Kaip0
(Rem x Reader) Re:Reader - _Kaip0
After being teleported to a world filled with magic and fantasy, YN (Your Name) meets a girl he had no clue could exist. Inexplicably infatuated for the blue haired maid...
Warrior nun - After that by Octagoo
Warrior nun - After thatby Octago
This is a story about what happened after Ava escaped from the Ark. Don't expect something professional because I wrote the first 4 chapters at 2 AM. Good news for the...
Re: Life In The Original World From Zero [A Re:Zero Fiction] by JoshuaHyuuga
Re: Life In The Original World Joshua Ja
Hey people 👋👋 This's a Re:Zero fan fiction! I only watched the anime and I haven't finished the novel yet so I don't know what happens after episode 25. ...
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SHADES OF COOL ✸ Arthur Shelby by tillyshelbys
SHADES OF COOL ✸ Arthur Shelbyby em
Aristocrats and criminals have a lot in common. They're both selfish, get bored easily, and have access to wads of cash they didn't have to work honestly to get. Arthur...
The World's Strongest Swordsman (Mihawk Reader x Re:Zero) by Fudo_Hijiri
The World's Strongest Swordsman ( Fudo Hijiri
Dracule "Hawk Eyes" Y/N was travelling on sea when he was ambushed by a fleet of marine ships, when he was about to swing his sword suddenly he was taken into...
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Another World by GreenWarrior291
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Ronaldo A Amaya
After having defeated Xehanort and managed to have saved Kairi from her fate, Sora disappears into a dark abyss of Darkness. Just as it seems like it'll be an endless sl...
Re:ZERO ⋮ Dark Matter IF (Hiatus) by GunXBun
Re:ZERO ⋮ Dark Matter IF (Hiatus)by Gun×Bun
⌞ To Aru × Re:ZERO Crossover ⌝‎ ‎ ‎Kakine finds himself in a world unknown to him.
The Greatest Power by VR_3181
The Greatest Powerby VR_3181
Ava has returned after spending a lot of time in the other realm. At least in her point of view. Beatrice was trying to go on with her life away from what represented al...
FierroChase One Shots by twopolarcat
FierroChase One Shotsby Kyle Hamilton
Here are FierroChase one shots and mini series. There will be some smutty stuff, because it seems no one else will do it. And I want it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yo...
SUBARU has failed in clearing the Pleaides tower and died. After losing all hope he was thinking to give up however, he found himself in a black void with 6 people stand...
Warrior Nun: The aftermath by Landmaedl
Warrior Nun: The aftermathby Eva
A sequel from the time Ava disappeared and Beatrice struggles with the loss of her Warrior Nun. What could have happened and will the two see each other again? English i...
Unwelcome: Divergent by sky4607
Unwelcome: Divergentby Emberlyn Sky
Hey guys, This is a Divergent Fanfiction! Its takes place when Tris is 16 a few weeks before the choosing ceremony! Andrew ( Tris's father) is abusive and killed her mot...