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Sixth Wheel by mxgicxltrxgedy
Sixth Wheelby mxgicxltrxgedy
Esposito's the odd man out after Ryan's wedding and Castle & Beckett hook up. Now it's his turn to get the girl. Esposito/OC.
A Daughter of a Writer and his Muse by LololovaX
A Daughter of a Writer and his Museby LololovaX
Johanna Castle is the middle child of three, Cosmo is the eldest and Roy the youngest, and her parents are Richard and Katherine Castle. Johanna has one special thing sh...
Lost and Found (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Lost and Found (A Castle stana_lover
Katherine Beckett's life completely shattered before her when her mother was brutally slain in an alley way when Kate was nineteen. Two months later, her father has been...
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginning by AceQueen7
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginningby AceQueen7
Depression feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Jack Sparrow has been depressed ever since his sister has gotten swallowed up by the Kraken. He hasn't been the...
Caskett: Highschool  LoveStory by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: Highschool LoveStoryby Kate Beckett
Katie Beckett and Ricky Rodgers have been friends since kindergarten, as they grow up they are each other's best friend. As they grow into young adults they soon realize...
Backstage Season 3 *DISCONTINUED* by DaGreatLife
Backstage Season 3 *DISCONTINUED*by DaGreatLife
DISCONTINUED This is my version of a backstage season 3. There will be drama, heartbreaks, and secrets. Follow on the adventure of these young and talented students. Thi...
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOL by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOLby Kate Beckett
Young Katherine Beckett is a principal at Marlowe Prep academy, a prestigious school for wealthy families. One day a student gets herself into trouble causing her father...
Caskett: Touchdown Kiss by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: Touchdown Kissby Kate Beckett
Richard Rodgers just out of highschool is the top Quarterback in the nation, when a heartbreak causes him to decide on a different college he packs up and leaves for St...
Mirror Image by cbOU2LA
Mirror Imageby cbOU2LA
Beckett and Castle take a foster girl into protective custody after she witnesses her foster mom's murder. What they didn't expect is the girl being a lot like the both...
Woman in White by ShefaniCaskett41319
Woman in Whiteby ShefaniCaskett41319
What if Kate was never offered the job in DC and Castle proposed the way he'd always thought of?
Lillianne Barbossa: POTC by BiancaEvans2
Lillianne Barbossa: POTCby LegolasG5*
Lillianne was born into a world of pirates. Her father the captain of the fastest ship in the Caribbean. Though he was not always captain, until he lead a mutiny against...
The Surprise Baby by Shipper102002
The Surprise Babyby Shipper102002
While Castle is away on Tour and Martha is away with friends, Beckett learns something that could change their lives for the good.
The Admiral And His beloved by Alidemtirane
The Admiral And His belovedby Alidem tirane
Elena sets out to find and old friend,Captain Jack Sparrow.Will she succeed...we don't know. Will Elena die trying? Is Jack gone and lost? Is there a way to get Jack bac...
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers All) by LololovaX
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers LololovaX
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are two spies from different organisations and their jobs are pretty much to kill people who their bosses tells them to get rid off. So w...
One and done surprises (caskett) by Pez_bex
One and done surprises (caskett)by Pez_bex
Starts off as how I thought the season six finale should have gone then extends into a lot more
Lonely in the past by KittyKat3715
Lonely in the pastby Caskett4ever07
Katherine Houghton Beckett, a 16 year old girl, is living in a care home for kids who has had a terrible start in life and that's exactly what Kate has been through. Fin...
Backstage || Season 3 || Veckett And Casha || by Fanfictionsandlove
Backstage || Season 3 || Veckett Fanfictions & Love
SHIPS: Beckett&Vanessa and Carly&Sasha. Hi guys! As you See on my YouTube channel I am in love with Backstage so Here is a fanfic about the dancers from Keaton! Hope you...
What if? by schristine18
What if?by Schristine18
What if Johanna Beckett hadn't died that night? What if she lived? What if the person who saved her was Richard Castle, the novelist himself? How would that affect ever...
The Devil's Temptress: At World's End || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: At World' houseofflies
Nicolette is Captain, Barbossa has returned and Jack is gone. Trust must be repaired and must now work together to get Jack back, retrieve the Pearl and defeat all thos...
The Time of Our Lives (Editing) by mocrig
The Time of Our Lives (Editing)by Morgan Crigger
Kate Beckett, fiance of the ruggedly handsome and somewhat famous mystery writer Rick Castle, has just found out that she is pregnant. With a demanding job as a detectiv...