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Jaune of the resistance. (a RWBY x FINAL SPACE story) by TheSpaceGuyGamer
Jaune of the resistance. (a RWBY TheSpaceGuy Gamer
jaune's hopes and dreams was to become a huntsman, or at least they were when he was replaced by alister kuroku and his friends betrayed him he couldn't handle the anger...
A Spellbound Gem (a RWBY fanfiction) by BlewNeko
A Spellbound Gem (a RWBY Killian Joyus
Ruby Rose, a young secret prodigy hiding powerful magicks, is struggling to keep it from all those around her as she enters Beacon Academy for Sorcery And Witchcraft. We...
Blake x abused , bullied cat Faunus male reader  by captainbirdseye
Blake x abused , bullied cat captainbirdseye
Having serious , serious trouble thinking of a title , this book was requested by brave_vesperia
Red Clashes With White by MizzJustyzz
Red Clashes With Whiteby Mizz Justyzz
*this is a high school/roommate whiterose Au* When Ruby Rose gets accepted for a scholarship in the most infamous private school, Beacon High, with her sister Yang, she...
Welcome to Reality. (OC x RWBY Harem) by TheSpaceGuyGamer
Welcome to Reality. (OC x RWBY TheSpaceGuy Gamer
it was a normal day for Randy Anderson (one of my oc's) as he went to his home, because he lives alone since his parents died from....personal reasons, until a group of...
Patched Memories (a RWBY fanfiction) by BlewNeko
Patched Memories (a RWBY Killian Joyus
Ruby and friends are making their way through high school and the many adventures that come with it. Romance. Parties. Physics homework! Follow Ruby, Roman, Neo, and Bla...
WiltedRose (Oc Story) by OverHaul76
WiltedRose (Oc Story)by Z
this is not ax male reader but you can insert your character in for mine
Red like blood. ((RWBY twisted fanfic)) by transKatie
Red like blood. ((RWBY twisted Katie the Kat
What happens if Team RWBY were the bad guys and the Chaos Syndicate ((Roman Neo Mercury Emerald and Cinder)) were the good guys? You'll find out soon! Disclaimer: I give...
Happy Birthday Book! by Say_CycoSystem_Ori
Happy Birthday Book!by Sayori
This is for close friends for me, which isn't many...
Different Histories (Ruby Rose X Reader X OC) by 159357naz
Different Histories (Ruby Rose X Just Naz
Living in the past is no easy feat. Especially when you try to save the ones you love while hiding from them. A few has questioned his sanity, even He himself asks that...
Fire Lightning and Ice? (RWBY x Dragon Trio) by OverHaul76
Fire Lightning and Ice? (RWBY x Z
After being sent on a mission by ozpin and ironwood to investigate a cave in atlas they find something very Bizarre
Blind love by agentcarnage
Blind loveby Lil Jokey
(Y/n) Murdock was a normal kid except he like all the Murdoc boys was born with a little grim devil inside them according to his great grandma anyway. when he was a litt...