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SVU One shots by MagicGoldenFlower
SVU One shotsby MagicGoldenFlower
~Characters from Dick Wolf's Law And Order SVU~ -In a criminal justice system, sexual based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated d...
Forever Hold Your Peace by benslerlovin
Forever Hold Your Peaceby Bensler Lovin'
Olivia is planning a wedding to Trevor Langan and Elliot's can't seem to get rid of some lingering feelings, will he stop the wedding? Or will he let Olivia marry anothe...
Advantage by fkBBCshjjbbkudf
Advantageby fanfics08016
Will Elliot be able to help Olivia before..... EOEOEO Smut starts on chapter 8 ends on 13
Two Burning Moons. by BlacklistedMarissa
Two Burning m.
Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler have had each other's back for years - Over a decade, to be a little more exact. Upon turning in his resignation, Olivia's life took a w...
The Butterfly Effect by babybensler
The Butterfly Effectby babybensler
Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.
Olivia's Lies by babybensler
Olivia's Liesby babybensler
"If you don't want temptation to follow you, don't act as if you're interested..." There's a difference between lust and love, but does Olivia know that?
Broken ~ Law and order SVU by JannysStory
Broken ~ Law and order SVUby JannysStory
PAUZED!! Olivia was raped. Is Elliot able to help her or is this the end of Olivia Benson?
No one has to know.  by Mariska_Supreme
No one has to know. by Mariska_Supreme
Idk.. Olivia and Elliot are not supposed to be together. They work in the same precinct, and Elliot is married. Olivia is a lonely women, but she would never show that...
Affair by Beans_rice_
Affairby Beans
Elliot and Olivia wind up in the same bed after going out for drinks. What happens next? Lizze, Dickie, Maureen, Kathleen, and Kathy are in this book
Rafael Barba Imagines by funwrita
Rafael Barba Imaginesby funwrita
Here are some of my favorite imagines that I pulled from tumblr, none of the imagines are mine. So if you want the credited owner of the story, copy and paste the story...
Thoughts In His Head (An SVU Fanfiction) by buttaz_
Thoughts In His Head (An SVU buttaz
Olivia becomes pregnant and the father is abusive. Elliot tries to save her and her unborn child. The two end up falling for each other. But this isn't through their eye...
I fell in Love with a cop. (SVU) by Benson4015
I fell in Love with a cop. (SVU)by Benson4015
Olivia is a school Teacher who teaches 1nd grade. Elliot is still a detective. he was never married to Kathy but they did have a kid together. a little girl named Abigai...
Raw by Mariskajoys
Rawby Olivia-Marie
One shot. Literally just smut. The whole thing. Hard M. 😊 No reason for it
Olivia Benson's Niece by colormelee
Olivia Benson's Nieceby colormelee
One day, Olivia Benson's now teenage indifferent niece shows up and her father is nowhere to be found. Can Olivia save her or will she send her away?
Telling Elliot by danielle-12004
Telling Elliotby danielle-12004
The one confession we've all been waiting for.... Elliot finally asks 'what happened whilst I've been gone?' Set after 24x04
But I love you... by fanfiction_SVU
But I love fanfiction_SVU
Olivia confesses to Elliot that her boyfriends is violent . Will he do ? Will this revelation bring them clother ?
Sweet Relief by benslerlovin
Sweet Reliefby Bensler Lovin'
When Elliot shows up in Manhattan after twelve long years, he comes home to more than he expects. Will the relief of seeing her partner again be enough for Olivia to for...
What's Next? by parrillasexual
What's Next?by a.
Olivia Benson has worked for SVU for many years. She works with John Munch, Brian Cassidy, Fin Tutuola, Elliot Stabler, and their Captain, Don Cragen. She's been in lov...
My Happiness by falicesfate
My Happinessby falicesfate
One Shots for days- Cute parts :)) And Smutty parts;)) Mostly bensler but maybe some chriska :))
When Opposites Attract by colormelee
When Opposites Attractby colormelee
Olivia is a lieutenant and has two children: sixteen year old Gabriella and baby Noah. What happens when her daughter falls in love with a delinquent who is a regular at...