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The Protector of the Sorcerer's Galaxy by brg319
The Protector of the Sorcerer's Bethanie Gartner
A young wizard with powers living in a far-off galaxy, called the Sorcerer's Galaxy, goes off to college where she discovers how powerful she really is. There, she also...
Im so sorry(Anakin x Reader) by mrsskywalkerforlife
Im so sorry(Anakin x Reader)by Mrs.Skywalker
Read it or I will find you (jk) No Im serious I will
The Dragonfly by RyuuLu
The Dragonflyby Ryuu
After ten years of peace, Millrest and especially it's Kings worst nightmare returns. And this time, the thief isn't dissappear after a few days. Something big is moving...
The stranger in the village  by austin12133
The stranger in the village by austin12133
Boy meet boys. Boy falls in love. Boy doesn't know boy when he thinks about it. Boy is in for a rude awakening when he begins to ask too many questions.
Spider man: reborn of hero and devil  by Deltarex2000
Spider man: reborn of hero and Saul Sanchez
after Superior event, peter parker abandon by his friends, loves one and his team as well. even his aunt abandon him, now slowly die by hero's hand. Now he reborn to ano...
HEARTFIRE by mabrukaMaina
HEARTFIREby Mabruka Maina
|In a dystopian land called VARE| •An old man accidentally stumbles across a little creature when he goes out to explore the forest & brings her to his wife. •The old co...
After the storm by zeeykb
After the stormby zaynab khabeer
In a world that tumbled with some orphans and their widow mother. MALEEK,who is the main victim of the chasm due to the heavy responsibility of his family that's placed...
Celebrity Treatment  by astromynight100
Celebrity Treatment by Taekook
"My whole family loves you, my friends love you, even my all servants love you.....what alse do you need Jeon??????" ‐Taehyung "I don't need the whole wo...
Raised by a Gangster  by _shatuu_
Raised by a Gangster by Aisha Safiyanu
He raises her and she falls in love with him. What could come of it? Ruthless at heart, gangster at soul.
The Rogue Wolf and the Wife of the Alpha by siddhireadss
The Rogue Wolf and the Wife of siddhi
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is no ordinary Romeo and Juliet. This is the story of two people who face the hardships of hiding their relationship because of...
The criminal's detective ❕ by eedahhtea
The criminal's detective ❕by Eedahtea💕
Both in an arranged marriage . She's a detective . He's a criminal . She's determined to catch him. He's determined to escape her traps. What will happen when they both...
Agent Quinn by JosiahStories
Agent Quinnby Josiah
"The Name's Cindy Quinn and ima agent who does whatever it takes to put these criminal dirtbags in prison." - Cindy "Deathwish" Quinn
Just a Happy Ending - a BatIM fanfic by KachiSertona
Just a Happy Ending - a BatIM Kachi Sertona
Bendy has never had a happy ending; it's all he's ever wanted. But after so many years of living under a lie, will he trust anyone to save him? When Henry finally goes b...
My Body Is Not My Own by siremay
My Body Is Not My Ownby Abigail
| COMING AUGUST 2022 | A Painting major who wants to open her first, professional art exhibition confronts her past when working with a Journalism major who wants to exp...
Maybe it's not so wrong by kellyswishingwell
Maybe it's not so wrongby Kelly
Jessica Rose is madly in love with her best friend Kelley Gomez brother Ethan Gomez. Which she already knows it's wrong since the two girls have already said that family...
Michael's girlfriend Lost boys fanfiction by XxLost_Girl192xX
Michael's girlfriend Lost boys XxLost_Girl192xX
Y/n was Michael Emerson's girlfriend who moved to Santa Carla with him. What if y/n was the lost boy's mate? What happens when Michael chooses Star over his own girlfrie...
The Unseen Tears by Bintuthman01
The Unseen Tearsby Bintuthman01
A story that tell what women are going through in our societies, in our marriage homes, schools etc a world full of heartbreaks, maltreatment, sexual harassment, betraya...
𝔼𝕝𝕞𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕒𝕟|| Magnificent Century Kösem  by ynnpierce
𝔼𝕝𝕞𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕒𝕟|| ynnpierce
"If you gather all woman of this world and they shout together, their voice would not override my whisper." ~ Haseki Elmas Sultan Calista, eldest daughter of a...
Serendipity  by preannN
Serendipity by preannN
She was young , 17 to be exact, she was beautiful, not the obvious kind that takes your breath away, the kind you see because she made you do a double take, she ne...
Say You Love Me  by evie208
Say You Love Me by evie208
"Love can be deceptive Love can be kind Love can be all sorts of things but what is Love to you?"