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House of Ashes [Complete] by PotterMIfs
House of Ashes [Complete]by PotterMifs
•Safa Hayat• Her flounders against the world haven't been known to anyone. Neither do the scars that run deep inside the abyss of her frail soul. She's been hurt. Brutal...
Well...Not Anymore. by ThisGirlWrites
Well...Not Chelsea
Naomi and Lucas used to be closer than most people could ever dream of being. They were best friends but that all changed when, the summer between their Freshman and So...
Shatter  ✔ #TheWattys2017 by Wowchilee
Shatter ✔ #TheWattys2017by H.N. Von Ward
HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN WEREWOLF [[*COMPLETED*]] Nova is the daughter of a Beta. And her mate? The Alphas first born son. When they discover what they are to each other...
War Zone {Completed} by KAYxSAVAGE1999
War Zone {Completed}by 𝙽𝚞𝚎 𝙽𝚞𝚎
Sequal to sharing the same guy. Just read
ARRANGED by aditi_kumari
ARRANGEDby Aditi kumari
He is my husband but never treats me like one. I love him, respect him but he considers me the dirt of his shoes for him I am just the daughter of his enemy. but for m...
Taming Your Heart by aspar_Anchal
Taming Your Heartby Anchal Sharma
Serene Brown (Renne), from living like a princess to living under the rock. She's doing everything she could for her four years old niece 'Hera Brown'. There is no place...
Good girl gone bad by narialola
Good girl gone badby narialola
Rosa is you're a typical nerd who gets bullied and Shame in front of the whole school. When things start to go south for her she decide's to call her grandparents who...
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd x fate crossover) by Introvert0690
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd Introvert0690
A boy lying on his own blood nearing his death but what got him wasn't death but a book The boy....who was wronged by his 'so called family' got a second chance in life...
Our Pretzel Destiny ✔ by khadyjatt
Our Pretzel Destiny ✔by Autan-mama📚
#3 in solitude on 3-7-2020 #8 in truestory on 3-7-2020 #1 in isolated on 9-7-2020 #8 in loneliness on 9-7-2020 #13 in Arewa. On 24-12-2020 #14 in betrayel on. 15...
When Darkness Falls - LOKI - Book One (Editing) by stilers
When Darkness Falls - LOKI - nich is on a hiatus
To save her kingdom, Athelia must put aside her savage life as the Daughter of War and do what must be done - even if that meant uniting her kingdom with Asgard through...
Percy Jackson And The Hunters [Under Rewriting]  by RobynByrne03
Percy Jackson And The Hunters [ Robyn Byrne
He was betrayed and thrown away by Camp Half Blood. Made immortal years ago. Perseus Jackson has one choice, To join the hunt THIS IS UNDER REWRITING, EACH UPDATED CHAPT...
Bound By The Crown by the_rebellionxx
Bound By The Crownby Rosie
In order to save her career, Lisanna Moore has to manage the image of a bad boy prince, whose sudden reappearance has thrown the kingdom into turmoil. As rumours and go...
Lonely Guardian of Konoha by Rose_0927
Lonely Guardian of Konohaby ♧K. Rose ♧
Naruto has been adopted by the Uchiha clan, why you may ask. Well, because they are the only ones who can help teach him to control the demon bijuu sealed inside him. Na...
Makhfi  by AmnaSaaim
Makhfi by Amna Saaim
Makhfi:Adjective. hidden, secret, concealed 6 lives on a journey for success,will they succeed in there goal or not. The story revolves around 2 souls who are tied toge...
Friend or enemy by magsboo
Friend or enemyby Ari lee
What do you do when your friend falls for every single prank played on her? I'm in eighth grade and my name is Amethyst, and my friend believed I went to a boarding scho...
The Underground Fighter  by B0okworm_4Life
The Underground Fighter by Books_Addict
#303 in Mysterious #21 in Betrayal #12 in Sarcastic #79 in Fighter #127 in love-hate #16 in Senior year #90 in heartbroken ------Completed on 22/3/2020...
Reading Lord Perseus Child of Rome by ArtemisTheOlympian
Reading Lord Perseus Child of Romeby Hope
This is a reading of Lord Perseus Child of Rome which I have adopted from TweetyBaby.
Enigmatic Fate (Completed) by DimpleCheeek
Enigmatic Fate (Completed)by SAZ
A story of unconditional love. A man who selflessly loves the girl but there is something that is stopping her. She is stuck in a mess, a mess that has changed her life...
Betrayed {HAITUS} by crystalmoon105
Betrayed {HAITUS}by crystalmoon105
Usagi Tsukino is betrayed by everyone she loves. She must now look for a new future where she knows she can be happy. On the way she will find new friends and her true s...
Of Kings and Queens by nxmphlxver
Of Kings and Queensby Mads
Sakusa Kiyoomi. The most desirable man in all the lands. The stone cold sea urchin. Miya Atsumu's soon to be husband. Basically the arranged marriage sakuatsu au nobody...