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Glad To Have Met You (completed)  by darkaqua2704
Glad To Have Met You (completed) by darkaqua2704
Neither Damien nor Marinette ever thought that thalia's plan could change their lives so much !!! Was the change good or bad? Lie-la had been true to her promise because...
LET ME BE YOUR QUEEN✅✔️ by haniyyerh-x
LET ME BE YOUR QUEEN✅✔️by haniyyerh-x
He is Nabil Muhammad Farouq Suleiman she is Afifah Maryam Habib Suleiman He's so strict and arrogant, Misogynistic even she's so calm, caring and loving They were siblin...
The Malfoys  by ilovechocolate64
The Malfoys by Ilovechocolate:)
Living in a pure blood family is tough and it only gets harder after attending Hogwarts . You're family is close friends with the malfoys whilst your close friends are w...
His Betrothed {Taegi/YoongixTaehyung} by NamjoonxChezzie
His Betrothed {Taegi/ Namjoon's Wifeu
"Who are you?" "You don't remember?" "Have we met before?" "Tsk. Tsk. Looks like I have to punish you for forgetting me huh?" In...
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Royal Fools by greenwriter
Royal Foolsby J.D. Ruiz
After narrowly escaping an assassination, a new king in disguise escapes to his childhood home only to discover that his unwanted betrothed has been living there for mon...
Dark Knight | WangXian Novel by WangXianLovingLotus
Dark Knight | WangXian Novelby FieryPhoenix
The famous Lotus Trio of Yunmeng are known far and wide for the valiant night-hunting and of course, good looks. But not just them. There are the Twin Jades of Gusu, Gol...
˩σʏαℓℓʏ Ƴσʋя'ƨ by dustychara
˩σʏαℓℓʏ Ƴσʋя'ƨby dustychara
Engagement; a promise of love to another person. But what happens when the promise is forced? Can love grow anyway? And if so is it real love? Anna's betrothal to the Ma...
The Royal of Kaldera by XChristine_PolemeirX
The Royal of Kalderaby Christine Polemeir
It was one day that changed everything, causing her to go down this lonely path... "Who's Happiness is more important. Your own or the people's?" - Brandon &qu...
The Lunar Affair by gigiaivilo
The Lunar Affairby gigiaivilo
Most citizens find themselves preparing for bed when the sun sets on the Veronian Kingdom. The exception to this is Prince Marco, who has a heart that yearns for somethi...
Mistreated By My Betrothed  by Ese_Nayeon
Mistreated By My Betrothed by Gift Eseosa Agbontaen
What happens when two strangers are forced to live together in the name of marriage? Imagine being married to a man who feels like you're the worst thing that ever happe...
Hugfia: The One That Got Away by envisionfirelizards
Hugfia: The One That Got Awayby envisionfirelizards
Betrothed to a man she hates, while her heart longs for another. When Princess Sofia was 16, she was engaged to Prince Hugo, and she couldn't have been happier. After a...
Searching for Love by Sweetpeas
Searching for Loveby Sweetpeas
She wanted to marry for love the second time around, he just didn't want to marry. Undenailble forces and a bond created, will these two find unhappiness or love? Join L...
Betrothed: A PJO X DC fanfiction  by Shadow_neesan
Betrothed: A PJO X DC fanfiction by Thatwattpadgurl
Another PJO experiment Basically Percy X Damien They get betrothed blah blah blah, fall in love, yk the likes I'm terrible at descriptions so just read it and tell me yo...
The Truth Behind the Mirror Curse by dcmt0928
The Truth Behind the Mirror Curseby Debora Turner
"Follow me." He sounded so sure of himself that I would. "Oh?" I say questioningly. "And what makes you so sure that you can just ask any girl t...
What are we? (Hugfia fanfic) by shqrmqine
What are we? (Hugfia fanfic)by Le sunset skies✨
(Rushed ending, Discontinued) "Oh Hugo, i dont know anymore." Sofia said in a panicked shaky voice "Its okay Sof, take your time" Hugo said holding b...
A Villain Kid Love Story (Marlos and Bevie) by Dorothyshoes30
A Villain Kid Love Story (Marlos Dorothy
What if Mal never fall in love with Ben instead she is in love with Carlos? How different would Mal story be if she never fall in love with Ben? Mal scares a lot people...
||Zatz x (Fem) Reader|| Maya and the Three by BeeKayTee_111
||Zatz x (Fem) Reader|| Maya and BeeKayTee
What if lady Micte had given birth to twins that day to Maya and (Y/n). The day after their birth Maya and (Y/n) came to the Teca Queen & King to fulfill their prophecy...
Sofia the first reunited once more by ShermaCort
Sofia the first reunited once moreby Lil Jay
It has been four years since Sofia and her friends graduated from from Royal Prep .she misses her friends dearly especially a certain prince do you know who he is if no...
The Queen of Dawn by PhenaPoo
The Queen of Dawnby Phena
~ Court of Navalia Book 1~ 1509 Princess Azora is sent across the ocean to marry a foreign prince, and eventually she will become his Queen. However tragedy strikes far...
Princess of Mardalia by blackgirlwriter97
Princess of Mardaliaby blackgirlwriter97
~BWWM. WMBW. Interracial. Love Triangle. Historical. Royalty. -Oops I fell in love with my brother's wife...~ - In Pantoran there are 3 Princes in line for the throne. T...