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𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐓𝐅𝐔𝐋 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐎𝐑   by kim8tae3hyung1
Kim taehyung Short story | 2022 "تـايهيـونـغ من أجلك تركـت بلـدي وعائـلـتي وجـامـعـتي من أجلك فقـط... لأتلقي منك الخيانة بعد كل ذلـك!" ...
She is my Slave (Zayn Malik) by zaynika
She is my Slave (Zayn Malik)by Kanika
As my eyes landed on her; I immediately know where she belongs too. She is the one, I'm looking for. No doubt her sexy figure, blue orbs which just shows innocence, full...
A take on what happens when a woman had had enough. This short story starts from when Khushi found out the reason behind her marriage. If you are hoping for a happy ev...
New life, New love and New Revenge by Tejaswiniphadke
New life, New love and New Revengeby Teju
Prerish's story. All characters belongs to kzk by Ekta . If there are any similarities in any story it is just coincidence. No offence to Anupre fans it is just story. D...
BlackCoffee by brazybrat___
BlackCoffeeby brazybrat___
Book 2 of Brownsugar The Children are Growing up....but problems still remain...
Riansh -Unforgottable Mistake  by Janvi__03
Riansh -Unforgottable Mistake by Janvi__03
The Ahana track
CHAINED BY ARAB MAFIA(Ongoing) by ravenhairedgirl_2003
*LIKE A MOTH DRAWN TO FLAME* ((flashback)) Shots of gun ranged on my ears as I dashed upstairs and burst in my room and hid beneath the bed trembling with fear. I could...
Saviour  by mafiabigbro
Saviour by mafiabigbro
"You have my word Mumma, I will protect my siblings with my life and soul!" It was all about that one promise, the promise that Xerxes Esposito will serve for...
Fated to him🤎 by Punkwritter
Fated to him🤎by weirdo
No Matter how wrong he was...i couldn't stay away from him because I was fated to him...🤍
Her. by treasurously
#10 Treasure
She has a story that people often shy away from. They usually tell you about the other kind of her that usually doesn't want to be put in their situation. Some of these...
|| Aishwarya ~ The pride of Kuruvansh || by -elegantfae
|| Aishwarya ~ The pride of 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐚
~ Sister ~ Like an Angel With love that always glows One of the greatest gifts A heart of a brother knows. ____________________________ This is the story of Aishwarya...
Am I Not Enough For You by _glowingsunshine_
Am I Not Enough For Youby ♥️
" Get married to another girl if she is not being able to give me my grand children" His mother shouted " I will think about it " She bursted out in...
Milan Abhi Adha Adhuri Hai .... a conflict between love and hate by Jayeeta143
Milan Abhi Adha Adhuri Hai .... Manan_love
It is a love saga between our very own Arnav Sing Raizada and Khushi Khumai Gupta .. It is written on the second marriage track . To know more , please peeps in ...
PYAAR ❤YA DHOKHA💔 (Completed ❣️) by Dirajasly
PYAAR ❤YA DHOKHA💔 (Completed ❣️)by Dirajasly
❣️A story about a mysterious suspense to find whether there is love❤ or betrayal. 💔) (A story of a girl and a boy where the boy betrayed her😞but there's something whi...
One Night Isn't Enough(✔ Completed)(Unedited) by ItsMGsShine
One Night Isn't Enough(✔ MG
Tears Rolled Drown From my eyes Did you ever felt my cries? I want to leave you forever But you caught me for your favour My life is becoming so tough But I know you sai...
Teri Meri Kahani  by The_Pure_stories
Teri Meri Kahani by They call me lale
Language: Roman Urdu/ Hindi For reading this story in English check out our profile. "some endings don't have proper good bye" A Short story! the story of lov...
LIES &REGRET||JIKOOK × VMIN by Withyoujikook
The story starts where Jimin fells in love with Jungkook and at the end he regret to love him truly.
THEIR JOURNEY TO JANNAH (#TheWattys2017) by barshasanam
#4 in spiritual (10/02/2018) Sometimes destiny take unknown turns, which will lead to make your life a complete fairy tale or, a nightmare that was haunted by the outcom...
RASHIN SANI!!! by khairi_muhd
RASHIN SANI!!!by khairi_muhd
labari ne a kan mata biyu wayanda suke soyayya da mutum daya. aminan juna ne, labari ne me tsantsar yaudara,fushi,butulci,amintaka,kisa ku biyo ni dan jin wannan gajeran...
I Can Hear You Even In Your Silence ((Completed)) by KhanSanu
I Can Hear You Even In Your Saniya Khan
Arnav a mute from childood, Khushi a bubbly chirpy girl. Both are best friends from childhood. Let's see how this Childood friendship turns into a life long... To know...