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Luci Jones ⤷ Riverdale  by Bronson2015
Luci Jones ⤷ Riverdale by Bronson2015
Lucifer (Luci) Jones, is the eldest out of Jughead and Jellybean. Luci, other then her siblings. Has a much deeper and darker serpent background. Luci was named the futu...
Undertale Oneshot(M!Reader oneshots) by Meep_2222
Undertale Oneshot(M!Reader Snas_Stories
Just you and some adorable Girls of the undertale I'll be concluding some female human sans
Bughead one-shots/ smut ♥️ by mylifemystorybug
Bughead one-shots/ smut ♥️by mylifemybug
Fluff-smut- and so Much more
ALICE → jughead jones {riverdale} by SarcasticAndBored
ALICE → jughead jones {riverdale}by Kai / Riverdale
"Before she heard her best friend die, she was already having a pretty bad day." In which an aspiring novelist named Jughead requires the help of a photograp...
Lexy Andrews by Rosie-Jane-Murphy
Lexy Andrewsby Rosie Jane Murphy
What if Archie Andrews had a sister? What if she was loud and adventurous and knew exactly how to get on Archie's nerves? What if she was clever and sneaky and was the p...
Beronica One Shots by riverdalexromance
Beronica One Shotsby hailee 🫶
a collection of cute beronica moments :) most of them will probably be long so have fun reading.
Riverdale Girl Imagines  by Ronnie-own
Riverdale Girl Imagines by Ronnie-own
Riverdale Girls x reader Ships like Beronica, Choni, Madnessa and lili/Camila GirlxGirl unless someone requests boy version NO SMUT ~Request~
His Antidote; s.p. by bonezzzzzz
His Antidote; <3
Charlotte Cooper, Betty Cooper's younger, innocent sister, returns to town after years of being away. No one but the Cooper family and a couple of close friends know wh...
Riverdale Imagines by ellasfood
Riverdale Imaginesby ˗ˏˋellaˎˊ˗
Imagines of all Riverdale characters, all credits to myself and other original owners. - highest rankings: #138 in Fanfiction and #1 in Riverdale Imagines
Ebott High School-Female Frisk,Chara,Betty X MaleReader  by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
Ebott High School-Female Frisk, ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
Female Frisk,Chara and Betty X MaleReader (9th Book) Disclaimer: -Undertale belongs to Toby Fox -GlitchTale belongs to Camila Cuevas *Any art/picture in this book does...
worse • veronica lodge  by toziersthalia_
worse • veronica lodge by “ thalia. ”
"he is not good for you ronnie." "and why is that archie?" "because he's worse than anyone in this school." in which eric cooper is worse t...
Riverdale Imagine & Preference  by I_LuvFood
Riverdale Imagine & Preference by I_LuvFood
The title explains itself
Poisonous Serpents|| Sweet Pea [2] by Juliaxwritess
Poisonous Serpents|| Sweet Pea [2]by シ
Book 2 - Season 3 Sequel to Serpent Love While Natalie and Sweet Peas love grows, so does a new game. But this games dangerous. But is a relationship worth risking for...
more than friends ✩ beronica by strcnge
more than friends ✩ beronicaby ☹
When a girl with raven hair and rich parents moves in to Riverdale, she just can't help but fall for the blonde next door. feb 17 2017 - may 14 2017 (COMPLETE) LOWER...
Riverdale Imagines  by obsessedriverdale
Riverdale Imagines by obsessedriverdale
These are imagines of either ships or reader x character. There are mature themes, similar to the show. It is slightly sexually suggestive at times, but stays PG-13. I u...
Lucky// Jughead x Reader (book one in Lucky Series)  by DeathInspiresMe_
Lucky// Jughead x Reader (book Emm
You were lucky. At least that's what everyone else said. Lucky you didn't die at your psycho father's hand. Lucky the rain of terror ended after his arrest. Lucky you...
Betty by hoe4potter
Bettyby belle
"i'm only seventeen, i don't anything but i know i miss you" In which James Potter makes a mistake over the summer that will effect how his school year will t...
Serpent Love|| Sweet Pea [1] by Juliaxwritess
Serpent Love|| Sweet Pea [1]by シ
"Whose that?" Veronica asked pointing to the girl in a leather Serpent Jacket. "That's Natalie. The Serpent Princess" Joaquin Answered. "She's...
Breaking Boundaries / Sweet Pea \  by Mikayla_Q
Breaking Boundaries / Sweet Pea \ by Mikayla_Q
Lola Carter. Former bad girl gone good. Serpent royalty. Best friend of Jughead Jones. When her father sees her being dragged too deep into the snake infested waters, he...