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family // bnha by elisimone_
family // bnhaby simone
bnha x big sister!oc class 1a needs more adult support, let's be honest... AU where eli midoriya, pro-hero, and TA to class 1a, helps and raises class 1a to the best of...
Two sisters becomes three by LilyLunaPotter01
Two sisters becomes threeby LilyLunaPotter01
Lottie and Alexa had just settled into life with Peter and Mason but what happens when there's another person added to the mix? An unknown half sister suddenly appears b...
Betrayed  by Xmia_aliX
Betrayed by Mia
After Midoriya was cheated on by Uraraka he decides that enough is enough and moves to America to live with his sister. When he returns to Japan with his sister after a...
Big Sister [BNHA] by PizzAaliyah
Big Sister [BNHA]by Aaliyah
✿ Katsura Midoriya She's the Big Sister of your favourite hero in training - Izuku Midoriya. ⋆✩⋆ "Zuzuchan? My little brother, My dear Baby Brother. We always giv...
Yona's big sister (Akatsuki no yona) by Kamaru_chan
Yona's big sister (Akatsuki no Kamaru-Snow
What if Yona had a big sister? She won't be the only child in the kingdom, right? Even so, history were told that the red dragon has a sister... welp no one knows in th...
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Norris Nuts X Big Sister!Reader Oneshots by caesarhamato22
Norris Nuts X Big Sister!Reader The Holy Chalupa
Wrote this for my cousin who's OBSESSED with the Norris Nuts YouTube videos :) ------------------------------------------------------------ The Norris Nuts are a group o...
To The End || EDDIE MUNSON x READER|| by cullionly
To The End || EDDIE MUNSON x cullionly
When Y/N meets her younger brother, Dustin's friend Eddie Munson and they start to hang out. Soon a great friendship forms, but will it go farther? •slow burn;) •Fem Rea...
Naruto's Big Sister (Naruto Fanfic) by Tiny_Neko
Naruto's Big Sister (Naruto Fanfic)by Tiny_Neko
"I love you Onee-chan!" "I love you too, Ototo"
Matilda's older sister by Lil_Nyxie
Matilda's older sisterby Nyxie
What if Matilda had an older sister who also had mind powers like her. Who showed her love her mom, dad, and brother never did? Meet Melody Wormwood. She is the oldest a...
TMNT Big Sister Scenarios. by Lexi_girl_
TMNT Big Sister Lexi_girl_
This is where you can be the big sister of the beloved teenage mutant ninja turtles. You all go through embarrassing times, while you grow up. This will be: Funny Sad Ha...
The Shattered Slipper by JenniJames
The Shattered Slipperby Jenni James
Could you walk a mile in Brooke's shoes? High school senior Brooke Whitman has one goal... stay low and blend in until graduation. That's it. If anyone knew what her ho...
How to Stop a Marriage by NicoleandKay2021
How to Stop a Marriageby Nicole Avalon & Kay Dog
*This is NOT - I repeat, NOT - a 'falling in love with my step brother ' type of thing. It's more of family bonding and whatnot. The MC will have another love interest...
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson [COMPLETED] by scarlettsbitxh
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson [ scarlettsbitxh
Georgia Banks is a 14 year old girl that runs away from her foster house, she doesn't know where she is gonna end up but somehow she manages to find the one that will ch...
That's what big sisters do  by marvelimagines123
That's what big sisters do by marvelimagines123
Sarah is Florence's 15 year old sister that gets send to her because she's struggling with her mental health and her mom doesn't know how to deal with it. Together with...
[18+] my big sister is a demon lord | 我的姐姐是個大魔王 by amae-mei
[18+] my big sister is a demon amae
A heart-warming story of how a human has been summoned by a demon lord to become her little brother.
♡Give it a chance!☆ Hinedere spinel x "Deredere" spinel reader  by sammytheskitty33
♡Give it a chance!☆ Hinedere Samantha Szyperski
Just a little something I thought of; spinel came to earth with a bitter vendetta against pink diamond, to literally kill EVERYTHING on her planet and to kill a kid. sho...
Wood's Family by Broken_Samurai_
Wood's Familyby BrokenSamurai
Y/N is like an older sister to Jeff and Liu. She's a light in the darkness but this world can be cruel
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher x Y/n Pines (ON HOLD!) by AshleyGryffindor
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher x Y/n AshleyGryffindor
Summer time the best three months vacation away from school unless you're a Pines! Hey I'm Y/n Pines oldest sister to Mason 'Dipper' and Abigail 'Mabel' Pines. I'm sixte...
Scarlett's Daughter Book Two [COMPLETED] by scarlettsbitxh
Scarlett's Daughter Book Two [ scarlettsbitxh
It has been a 2 years since Scarlett and Elizabeth got full custody of the two little girls, what the girl's father did was terrible and will never leave their memories...
Reincarnated as Underfell Sans but different? (REWRITE) by _Dist0rtedVisi0n_
Reincarnated as Underfell Sans ✦••𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐲••✦
This is the rewrite, the old book is still out for readers to read for reasons I do not know of.