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Soft ~ wlw one shots by owarinokisetsu
Soft ~ wlw one shotsby dumbàss
Girlxgirl short stories full of fluff! Hope you enjoy it~ #132 in #short :-)
hAPpy DaYs by _chubbbybunnny_
hAPpy DaYsby Mafla Mahir
Onnulle chumma vetti than
The Word Love - A Decendants Novle  by Uzochimka1
The Word Love - A Decendants Novle by IloveDescendants:D
It's finally Time for Aurodon's annual sing- off. And all the girls are extremely excited. All except for Mal. The contest winner will get to perform one duet with popst...
Words That Showed by adryarahisah
Words That Showedby Adry Arahi
These are some of my favorite quotes from movies and series I've watched. And also a review of them. You are welcome to enjoy it just the way it is, and also if wanting...
Pointless Scrawls by Jas-the-bookie
Pointless Scrawlsby Jas K🌞
Because sometimes, you need to say what you need to say... even if saying them might be p o i n t l e s s...
Potterhead Be Like by CheesySeptembr
Potterhead Be Likeby Grace
You will find Potterhead moments, problems, Harry Potter quotes and other randomness as well. Please note that spoilers are present, in case you haven't read or watched...
Weird Tags,One Shots,Idiotic Moments and Shit by Unicornthepapaya
Weird Tags,One Shots,Idiotic Unicornthepapaya
Book for basically those busybodies and also for people *cough cough* who keep asking me to do one shots. Oh and also for my stupid moments when out with friends. And th...
All Thanks To Blabber Mouth by dreamers_unite
All Thanks To Blabber Mouthby dreamers_unite
Anna was just another face lost in the crowd at school. She was what they considered a "nobody" or a "loner" she never got the boys, she never even t...
blabber by de-evilize
blabberby pia ✿
random stuff © idolmv | 2016
If I were a Boy by I___S_____
If I were a Boyby 15411
This is a book about my blabbering. I am not good at writing a description so that it for now.
words by _Wanaik_
wordsby _Wanaik_
Random happenings Written down, Because, I can't express them Any other way ... *** Please keep in mind that not everything you read will be related to Christianity. S...
Tsundoku. by London_Branwen
#12 ✒️Ghost Pluviophile
(n.) buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands pronunciation| tsUn-dO-kU Filipino and English random thoughts...
A Random Blabber by lifeafter18
A Random Blabberby Tanay
Hey! I turned 18 about two weeks ago, and since I was a kid, I had plenty of expectations as to what life would be like now, but I've come to the realization that it is...
trashcan ii by noxiousseraph
trashcan iiby nox
"when we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools." - william shakespeare ❇❇❇
Tags and Announcements by WeirdShipper666
Tags and Announcementsby sleepy golden puppo
Just a place for me to put tags and announcements.
Blabber Brain by luna_gurl67
Blabber Brainby luna_gurl67
This is my collection of spoken word. It doesn't follow any traditional poetry structures. PM me or comment what you think :) Enjoy :D
Subtle poems for the mind by Cody68368
Subtle poems for the mindby Enrich the mind
These poems will be written without thought, without thorough examination. These poems will have come straight out of my mind, my experiences in life will write these p...
Random Rants by Jellybean_341
Random Rantsby Jellybean341
This book is just going to be filled with random stuff that happens and random thoughts that come to my mind. Hope you enjoy
An Introvert's Tale of Poetry  by S_Hoorlyn
An Introvert's Tale of Poetry by Hoorlyn
This is a meek attempt of me to write poems. Also, this is the first time I am publishing something on a public platform. I hope you enjoy reading them and support me an...