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All Her Broken Pieces by Rcreamer
All Her Broken Piecesby R.K. Creamer
Sang Sorenson has been chewed up and spit out by life too many times. Abused by her stepmother. Neglected by her father. Hated by her sister. Bullied by jealous girls...
Please Don't Leave Me Behind Again (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Please Don't Leave Me Behind Jaliza A Burwell
Sang Sorenson grew up in Greece and used to be close friends with Silas Korba. But then one day he left with his friend and she never saw him again. At least until six y...
The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates) by savinggoddess
The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates)by Tay💜
Sang Sorenson has been enrolled in what is affectionately called "Hell" for three years now. The Academy has been watching the school for a while after they sa...
Abandoned Soul (Complete) by kimbymoo2
Abandoned Soul (Complete)by kimbymoo2
I do not own the academy characters,those are c.l.stone and her works. Please let me know if this is close to anyone else's story so that I may take it down right away I...
The Only Solution by mmacdonald22
The Only Solutionby Morgann McDonald
The Blackbourne Team has been undercover for the past six months with a dangerous gang. Everything is fine until Kota gets kidnapped. The group who took him is actually...
Childhood Friends [GB+SB] by btsawakejin
Childhood Friends [GB+SB]by btsawakejin
Sang Sorenson and Nathan Griffin were childhood friends. Both having their own struggles and both were hiding it from each other. Sang was kind hearted, understanding, a...
Chaos by shayschiesler
Chaosby shayschiesler
Chaos is her name, the storms that sing beneath her skin heave at the very sight of her. She wreaks havoc, both unintentionally and intentionally, finding the attention...
Go to Hell (on hold) by dreamingoutloud02
Go to Hell (on hold)by dreamingoutloud02
Owen Blackbourne had mixed feelings about killing a Ms. Sang Sorenson. She was, after all, an innocent. However, she was also very convenient and he was pressed for time...
Synchronized Swimming by SynchroClaire
Synchronized Swimmingby Claire
Sang's whole world revolves around synchronized swimming: her mother has become obsessed with Sang's success and is pushing her beyond her limits. When the boys first se...
Her Light & Tender Heart [Completed] by Callabunny
Her Light & Tender Heart [ Callabunny (Maggie Evans)
He is her light and tender heart. She is his focused determination. Dr. Sean Green wasn't always the charming, confident doctor adored by many. He didn't come into thi...
Shattered Lines by MermaidMetanoia
Shattered Linesby MermaidMetanoia
Sang Sorenson. Violinist. Victor Morgan. Pianist. Both are household names, but one isn't said without the other. Not since they became everyone's favorite couple. Aga...
Message in a Bottle  by yobshabob
Message in a Bottle by Yobshabob
A mysterious message is found on the beach at North Shore, and it will take the Academy to unravel the truth.
Dreams by harrypotterfanone1
Dreamsby harrypotterfanone1
Experience was something she didn't do much. She lived a life in a cage. Will someone ever help her be released from her cage? Or will she spend the rest of her life in...
Academy Pet by 9CorazonesOcultos
Academy Petby Cora Z
Cover by Macey_Mouse Sang is a human. Scratch that, she's a cat. She's an Academy bird? Maybe labels aren't her thing. Sang Sorenson is a shifter, a human who can shift...
sang sorenson; an absolute babe by healthilyinsane
sang sorenson; an absolute babeby full on legend
the ghost bird fam are all gen z, so there's no way that they don't have a billion group chats and communicate using memes so here you go, some top notch banter with the...
Sang's Solace by andtheniwaslike
Sang's Solaceby andtheniwaslike
Sang Sorensen has always been an independent soul. But when everything comes crashing down, will she learn to put her trust in the people in her life? After all, family...
Cry for me by BlackJadedesertrose
Cry for meby Rosalani Lee
Waking up as someone new is kinda exiting, especially after you just died. But waking up as a second based character that people want to kill actively isn't so fun or g...
Sangs New Life by rjourn01
Sangs New Lifeby Thinking
This is a story that uses characters from the C.L. Stone books. It tells the story of the ghost bird Sang and her Men. It's about Sangs life before the abuse and after i...
Finding A Ghost (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Finding A Ghost (Completed)by Jaliza A Burwell
Now that North Taylor is eighteen and in a stable environment with the Blackbourne team, he decides it's time to go back overseas and to find the one person he wanted to...
Hold Me by qkrtpdud77
Hold Meby qkrtpdud77
The Blackbourne family is the richest and most powerful family in the world. Owen and his team are 9 of Forbes 30 under 30 list, with riches, successes, and women all at...