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Vincenzo - Return by Lacrym0saa
Vincenzo - Returnby Lacrym0sa
Vincenzo came back to korea for after 7 good years. Only to find out Hong Chayoung is now. mother to a 5 years old daughter. Running Jipuragi which is still like before...
Our Differences  by AdoreeeeeeKauiaaaa
Our Differences by Burkauia Wimberly
"Who cares about Differences I love you, You love me right" he said caressing cheek "Yes I love you soo much" I said kissing him..... Mekhi Alante L...
Dead Serious by StuartCampbell5
Dead Seriousby Stuart Campbell
Now listed as a Wattpad Editors Choice! When Sam takes a job at Eternal Wings Funeral Home, he thinks he's just getting a summer job so that he can save up enough money...
Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly Thomas Sharpe love story ❦ by EarthAngelGirl20
Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly A l I C e AnGeL
Allerdale Hall and it's surrounding grounds has been purchased by the National Trust and undergone a massive regeneration project in order to restore and maintain it's h...
May The Best Tricksters Wins!~ by DemonCypher78
May The Best Tricksters Wins!~by Simpher >:)
(A Mime and Dash Parody Fanfiction) 2 Mimes and A Pickpocket... what can go wrong?! (Basically a BonBon and ChuChu x Male! PickPocket! Reader)
Playing With Matches by Sam_le_fou
Playing With Matchesby Sam Camp
Chuck Colt, a cowardly and highly neurotic ghost, must find a way to reunite his soul to his newly zombified body before dawn, lest his (un)death becomes permanent. ...
Beneath The Octopus Tree by mgrandizioauthor
Beneath The Octopus Treeby mgrandizioauthor
Alexis Marsh hears voices. She first heard them the moment she awoke to find herself locked in a basement, the prisoner of a sadistic madman. Alexis fears one voice inst...
Lost Boys by Noahrlamb
Lost Boysby Noah Lamb
Attack on titan comedy fanfic ***Major spoilers for season 2 of attack on titan + some minor spoilers for season 3 and the manga*** Funnier version of Bertholdt, Reiner...
Postal Dude in Lucella (Postal X Piggy Crossover) by LegionCypher85
Postal Dude in Lucella (Postal X Cypher Supreme
(Postal game and Piggy game CrossOver Fanfiction) This takes place after the events of Postal 2.... Basically PD (postal dude) just gets an errand done by his bitchy wif...
BLACK PARADE|| Beyoncé & Chris Brown by Amirah025
BLACK PARADE|| Beyoncé & Chris Amirah025
A story about Chris Brown & Beyoncé with their four kids
Sisterly Love?  by LegionCypher85
Sisterly Love? by Cypher Supreme
Cypher is your average teen well not so normal teen he was a mutant demon. On some points he was also a quite and some times anti-social. He was surprised to meet someon...
Chaos Rising by LegionCypher85
Chaos Risingby Cypher Supreme
(A Reboot/Remake Story of Onto the Void) Andrew or what he thought was his name.. is a mentally ill disturbed demon with a past he tries to remember. He would sometimes...
Sasheen's Story. by Shalei_
Sasheen's S A S H🧚🏽‍♀️
~ Check the introduction & enjoy.
On The Bottom  by JaylaJames157
On The Bottom by Jay
idk but yeah 😀 don't read if you don't like lesbian things
The Reaper Meter by SimonKJones
The Reaper Meterby Simon K Jones
A scientist makes an unexpected discovery - but what does his invention actually do?
The Wake: A Black Comedy by FragmentedMind98
The Wake: A Black Comedyby FragmentedMind98
A funeral is a solemn affair for most people - but not these people. The most dysfunctional family is having a friendly get-together. They'll need to get it together to...
Addictions by _bobbiejane
Addictionsby B.
I believe that everybody has a story behind them... You could be really arrogant and rude but have an understandable reason for it. I, Talia Morgan, am your typical pop...
Adapting to the Elements  by itsdriadeaux
Adapting to the Elements by DW🌺
Collingsburg's county children from the ages of 16-22 years old are forced to participate in an event that occurs every four years. The event dates back from when Collin...
UDM: Granger Christmas Yet - Black Mulling  (Harry Potter Fanfic) by yemihikari
UDM: Granger Christmas Yet - Yemi Hikari
At Christmas, Regulus talks to Sirius about Sirius' drinking habit. Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter. This is written for day two of the Froday Advent Calendar for...