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The Kingdom of Rall by dsts09
The Kingdom of Rallby Donavan Smalley
Book Cover Designed by: CMGrey, a valued friend! Navi was an ordinary citizen and war hero of Amaron. Yet, he always felt he belonged elsewhere, destined for something g...
Kamaria And The Shadows by Rainbowxme
Kamaria And The Shadowsby Rainbowxme
Those stories had filled me with fear. The type of fear that lived within you and grew with you. The fears that turned into shadows, following right behind you. The fear...
rapper imagines 🍃 by Imagine_bunny
rapper imagines 🍃by Imagine_bunny
there are all of your favorite rappers and that you simp over in here.
The Coven of Wicked Hands by MiloNelakho
The Coven of Wicked Handsby Milo Nelakho
The Illusionists describe lying as an act of divine creativity. Even when God wiped them out, she marvelled at the lies they told dying. You see, Illusionists have a nas...
MAJESTY by _missdivine
MAJESTYby Miss Divine
Jamal had a simple mission: capture the princess, try not to kill her, keep her hidden until the Queen agreed to the peace treaty. Zora had been given very simple instru...
MAGICAL DISASTERS by solaraslays
***When life falls apart, what are you willing to do to piece it back together?*** Dark stories centered around revenge, betrayal, and redemption. There be dragons afoot...
Dandorock: A Warriors Path  by TreNorway
Dandorock: A Warriors Path by TreNorway
From a top secret government facility somewhere unknown, I was tasked with remote viewing a dimension known as Dandorock located in a star cluster not to far away from e...
introduction  by heattank
introduction by heattank
A spy that wants revenge for no apparent reason or is that what she thinks© Heattank™ Read more to find out... ~
Society of the Destined by blewis101
Society of the Destinedby BrianTheWriter
For centuries, two magic sects have kept the truth of the nature of reality and its manipulation to themselves. They use magical stones deemed 'holy' to control the natu...
Legends Live Long by FungiSnail
Legends Live Longby nope
Tensions rise in the land of Larvodinia as the five kingdoms begin to split. The two princesses of the five kingdoms, Tyran'yih and Trisynth, realize that everything is...
The Elves  by heattank
The Elves by heattank
©A mystical land in your wildness dreams couldn't even imagine. Heattank® ©
The History of Us (Prequel) by dsts09
The History of Us (Prequel)by Donavan Smalley
Kane Fujin is a powerful Mekai who lives with his seven year old son, Ray. Kane now feels that Ray is old enough to learn a brief history about the origins of the Mekai...
The Mekai: The Celestials by dsts09
The Mekai: The Celestialsby Donavan Smalley
Cover created by @MissMysteryGame: a great friend, amazing artist, and outstanding author. *After reading this- go check out The Temperature of Frost right now! The sec...
Of Blood & Power by whatshername11
Of Blood & Powerby whatshername11
"I'll do whatever it takes to get to the throne," Erienne said. "I won't let you get in my way."
The Tale of Slate  (A Mekai Story) by dsts09
The Tale of Slate (A Mekai Story)by Donavan Smalley
**Part VI of the Mekai series.** Another threat looms from the east, leaving death and destruction in its wake. He's angry. He's out for revenge. He is Death. He is Slat...
Hellsgate by LidyWilks
Hellsgateby Lidy
It was a routine hijacking for Anaya Jean and her band of merry human and supernatural men. They scored big time. But between looting the government truck. And halving t...
After the death of her sister, Vivian Coax trains to enter the Bankhead Providence to find out what kind of magic they are harboring . When questions start to arise, wit...
Maiors by JahquilleONeal
Maiorsby Jahquille O'Neal
Thousands of years ago the world was ravaged by the Demon of War, Menthu, and his soldiers. Together the gods known as the Isi banded together to protect humanity from d...
The Mekai: Endgame by dsts09
The Mekai: Endgameby Donavan Smalley
***The third sequel to The Mekai: Return of the Prince and final part of the Evil Sorcerer Ren Arc! It's been two months since Ray's arrival in Central Kingdom. Ren is s...