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Love Beyond Time {PriceField Fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Love Beyond Time {PriceField Nikita Gomez
What if Max never got her powers and Nathan didn't kill Chloe? What if Chloe and Max simply reunited one day and have been working on their friendship ever since? Well t...
(UNDER REVIEW) The Shape of Fire - Life Is Strange (English) (First Season) by Vegas3301
(UNDER REVIEW) The Shape of Vegas3301
(Please read it to the end) Some humans are simply bad seeds. Seeds infused with the most pure and distilled form of evil. But even life can be tough for those with terr...
When The Bell Tolls (Darra Blackwell) by -hxppygirlhxdley-
When The Bell Tolls (Darra 𝐇𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐲 - Semi Hiatus
Payton Carpenter always believed in magic. Whether it be in books or real life, she knew magic was real. What she didn't know was that it was most definitely real in a s...
Blackwell Bounty by MoonHowl
Blackwell Bountyby MoonHowl
When Edith Harris first encountered the mysterious Calvin McClain she never expected that her life would change so drastically simply because of their meeting. Edith is...
Let me be the light to your darkness (Nathan Prescott x reader) by notelesswriter
Let me be the light to your Noteless
I met Nathan, he seemed nice. I hung out with Nathan, he seemed nice. I talked to Nathan, he seemed nice. Yet he has an eerie aura, as if he's hiding something? What's...
Possession: A Luka Clemence X MC Romance by acuphoria
Possession: A Luka Clemence X MC acuphoria
What seems to be a quiet, relaxing month in a Wonderland fairy tale turns upside down the moment your enemy orders you to live in a neutral resthouse until the 30 days c...
LIFE IS STRANGE (Chloe x Male OC) by II_Codyz_II
LIFE IS STRANGE (Chloe x Male OC)by Codes
Cody Travanos is a typical male student who gains a lot of unwanted attention and whom hates homework and school in general. He meets Max in Photography class and become...
Chloe Price fanfic (Romance) by Iamalliamnot
Chloe Price fanfic (Romance)by This is me
Avery is a new girl at blackwell academy, she's beautiful, kind, and has a "gift" she considers as a curse, what happens when she meets Chloe price? Read to fi...
Shatter: A Jonah Clemence x MC Romance (Ikemen Revolution) by acuphoria
Shatter: A Jonah Clemence x MC acuphoria
Having fallen into Cradle merely two months ago from my hometown in London, I decide to continue living my life within the confines of the Black Army Castle - a luxury I...
TWDG X LIS by SSJ_Warrior
TWDG X LISby SSJ_Warrior
This is a cross over with The Walking Dead Game and Life is Strange because there both my favorite story games and I thought it would be fun, this is going to be Male Re...
Unmistakable by Brallieguy
Unmistakableby Brallieguy
Miles kissing Julie wasn't the worst thing he did to Alya, this was, she atleast has Bianca to help her through it. rated teen just to be safe
Max caulfield x fem! Reader by ilikecartoonslol
Max caulfield x fem! Readerby ilikecartoonslol
I can't believe there is not a max x fem reader I feel attacked so yes I'm gonna wright one I know it's gonna be terrible but worth a try also I did get some inspiration...
envy is a sin, vic // under a lil bit of construction  by laurmanifiles
envy is a sin, vic // under a angel
After Max sacrificed Chloe, she finally heads back to Blackwell after a week, though she's lost without Chloe, but will she gain a new, unlikely interest(s)? Thank you...
wanted // boreo by urzlil
wanted // boreoby lily
in which the best friends become criminals and become lovers along the way
my lover: a nathan prescott x reader story  by sarahgreenxo
my lover: a nathan prescott x sarahgreenxo
nathan prescott was a troubled teenager who depended on the usage of drugs and alcohol but when y/n comes to blackwell can she save him from his terrible fate?
blackwell masion by niambi18
blackwell masionby Isabella
there has been reports of missing children, and illegal human experimentation. five kids get kidnapped, escape, and find blackwell masion. the blackwells are known for h...
The Restoration (Watty Award Winner 2015-Book Four in the Wattpad Featured Return Series) by Cfunk3
The Restoration (Watty Award Cfunk3
After five failed lifetimes spent trying to beat fate, Ellie Blackwell's faith that things will be different this time is long gone. Her heart has been shattered one too...
Chronokinetic - [Life Is Strange Imagines/Preferences] by deadassrose
Chronokinetic - [Life Is Strange mollie
Preferences and imagines of your favourite and possibly least favourite characters in the first game Life Is Strange. Requests are accepted.
Knife Play ( A Mafia Sibling/ enemies to lovers  story) by HerRomance
Knife Play ( A Mafia Sibling/ evon
Growing up in a mafia was never easy but growing up with three older brothers was even worse My name is scarlet del Luca but I'm known as KNIFE PLAY and for good reason...
Jumper: A Kate Marsh Story by EmotionalStardust
Jumper: A Kate Marsh Storyby Ryan S.
This is a Life is Strange short story that takes place from Kate Marsh's point of view. When a video of Kate, that she has no memory of, surfaces on the Internet this ch...