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FROST (Natasha Romanoff x female reader) by WandaringAlong
FROST (Natasha Romanoff x female WandaringAlong
Mara Morozov (codename FROST) is a trained assassin who escaped Hydra after SHIELD caused the organisation to fall apart. Now she is a contract killer for the highest bi...
natasha romanoff x reader one shots  by alilfruity
natasha romanoff x reader one d <3
just fluff for yall bc i know u love it xoxo not clean language lollol [natasha romanoff x female reader one shot stories :))]
Wrong Number (Avenger X Reader) by marvel_simps
Wrong Number (Avenger X Reader)by Ellie
You (Y/n) accidentally text you someone instead of your brother then you met some of his friends and you accidentally fell with his friend. ⚠️ I don't own any of the mar...
Kidnapped by SuperMarvelLocked
Kidnappedby Trixter Nyx
Taken somewhere I'm not sure of, weapons and murder are forced upon me, along with medications that do things one wouldn't dream of. Started: 2/27/21 Finished: 10/14/21
Fox - An Avenger's Reader Insert (An Eventual Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader) by thewidowsghost
Fox - An Avenger's Reader Insert ( TheWidow'sGhost
This is going to be an Avengers Reader Insert. I DO NOT OWN THE AVENGERS. Since this is an Avengers Reader Insert, there will be cursing and violence, but I will put a w...
It Worked! |Marvel Universe x reader| by Valenmooooon
It Worked! |Marvel Universe x 707
(Y/N) liked Marvel. Scratch that. She was obsessed with Marvel. She began thinking that parallel universes must exist, so there must be an universe where her favorite su...
Natasha Romanoff x Reader by natashasjuicymagoes
Natasha Romanoff x Readerby tae tae
Y/n Y/l/n has been on the avengers for a few years. She is friends and gets along with all members, except for one. Natasha Romanoff. That is until something is revealed...
Bang Bang by Wintersoldierfics
Bang Bangby WaywardWinterFics
The Avengers are incapacitated, leaving you and Frank (the pilot) to go rescue them. Your girlfriend, Natasha, has been shot.
Flufftober 2022 by FunVibesAndSexyTimes
Flufftober 2022by FunVibesAndSexyTimes
Prompts from flufftober I decided to do! Couldn't do all of them due to time and Kinktober works as well.
The forgotten child by Mollyromanoff
The forgotten childby Mollyromanoff
Tony stark famous Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist and father to the child he left behind. y/n stark daughter of tony stark left behind by him after your mother...
lost in symphony - natasha romanoff x fem reader by natswifey1
lost in symphony - natasha natswifey1
A year after joining the Avengers with a troubling past a certain redhead caught y/n's eye once you realised how alike you were. A complicated love story full of twists...
Lævateinn(loki X Reader + alil of Nat) by blah_blahblahx
Lævateinn(loki X Reader + alil blah_blahblahx
a mild spiciness story. Roughly based on the mcu.***FANFIC*** mainly loki but could change;) (Sorry for the grammar)
Natasha Romanoff X Reader - Stakeout by abbyja1
Natasha Romanoff X Reader - Abby
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow XFemReader fic Synopsis: As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D you've been on your fair share of missions and stakeouts. This time it's different as yo...
Her by Iloveallexceptvoldy
Herby Iloveallexceptvoldy
Jane Hale or J as she likes people to call her seems like a normal 20 year old whose best freind happens to be Captain America but the truth is Jane can actually make an...