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Underneath  by Queen_of_life_Heba
Underneath by Ruhika
The sea is calling and she must go. *** An accomplished novelist returns to her hometown to seek closure for the childhood memories that have haunted her for her entire...
Bleak House (Dickens 1852) by CharlesofPortsmouth
Bleak House (Dickens 1852)by Charles Dickens
The original serialized form of Charles Dickens's Bleak House novel. Original serial cover illustration by H.K. Browne. Audiobook files posted at the beginning of each c...
otra vez by vangohs
otra vezby 𝖊𝖑𝖘
i can feel it all begin to fade ゚☆ [circa late 2020]
Same As It Never Was (TMNT 2012 Short Story) by hope_forever_18
Same As It Never Was (TMNT 2012 Hope? I guess?
Donatello didn't know what to expect. One moment, he's wishing his family and his girlfriend goodnight, the next he's waking up in a desolate and unfamiliar place. His h...
The Legacy Of Scar, Son of Dracula by -VampireScar-
The Legacy Of Scar, Son of Draculaby Scar The Executioner
The house fell empty, only the sound of leather boots creaking against the hard wood floors echoed through the complete darkness. Abraham stood above his "father&qu...
Rejected Alpha EDITING by LaurenKPalmer
Rejected Alpha EDITINGby Lauren
Malia Beckett, a stubborn werewolf with a big heart, moves to a new pack to help her underperforming sister care for her children. While transitioning into her new life...
letters to you. by drawinghearts13
letters to 𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓲
pour, pour, pour i'm just here to pour my heart out. write till my finger's weak write 'til my fingers bleed.
Ascelan in Wasteland by GrimmInker
Ascelan in Wastelandby 𝕰𝖑𝖎 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖌𝖔𝖗𝖞
This Gothic, Romantic take on Alice in Wonderland follows a young and excitable youth named Ascelan Keir. After following his best friend Alice down the wrong rabbit hol...
Prosaic. by 28cats
#9 Rhiannon
How did you expect the world to end? An asteroid, global warming, a solar flare, nuclear war, or an EMP? Either way, you'd probably be just as ill-prepared for the end o...
Scans and Ian by jEGGle
Scans and Ianby jEGG
Ian, a technician living in complete isolation in a cave in the middle of the desert, had fixed his phone. But for his phone to be useable, he needs to take it to the ca...
Venturing Into A Plane Of Nonexistence by jpssteveshanahan
Venturing Into A Plane Of jpssteveshanahan
Something I wrote years ago. Just came to me during a stroke of inspiration. Image courtesy of and If anyone's int...
The Complaining Man by AMGBarrett
The Complaining Manby AM Barret
"The Complaining Man" is a powerful and moving poem that explores the feelings of a man who is struggling to be accepted by society. The man expresses his feel...
Shine of the Archangel by AwesomeTrinket
Shine of the Archangelby Sara
It's been 20 years since the disappearance of the light Ifrit Elsharion; 20 years since the dark Ifrit Veromos wiped out all of humanity. There was no hope for the human...
SHACKLES by fyrebrand18
SHACKLESby Fyrebrand
Poem I made.
Gazer by UndergroundEyes
Gazerby UndergroundEyes
A haiku about how I feel in life at the moment.
A bumpy ride by grumpyman1972
A bumpy rideby Lance Hopkins
Life's contrasts, loss, depression, love, new life, all for what? Experience can be the only answer.
All these Fallen Stars by DanielLyerly
All these Fallen Starsby Daniel Lyerly
A Nation is reborn. The Dissidents, Extremists, and other Enemies have been swept away. The Second Founding has brought peace and prosperity to the nation. Ethan was onl...
Runaway Thoughts by SophLenk
Runaway Thoughtsby Soph 😉
My head is a crazy place...
The Traveller by SandipanChoudhury
The Travellerby Fury
The narration of a world denied of life by the cosmos. The traveller, however, finds it futile to offer sympathy to the stillborn land