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Battle Cry // TFATWS by TheQuietHufflepuff
Battle Cry // TFATWSby TheQuietHufflepuff
The Blip changed all everyone knew; as if the Big Three hadn't done enough. With a group of radicals on the loose, thinking they're doing good, and the shield, meant fo...
Peter Parker Smut by latenightaries
Peter Parker Smutby LateNightAries
Peter Parker x Reader Smut-Shots and Stories!! WARNING: CONTAINS HEAVY SMUT
I'm Not A Hero X MCU by ThatEhhGuy
I'm Not A Hero X MCUby Civil Warrior
Cody Todd was only 17 when everyone he cared about was suddenly snapped away..he lost everyone, his friends..his family..he was all alone..yet that despair soon turned i...
Fields of Bone // TFATWS by TheQuietHufflepuff
Fields of Bone // TFATWSby TheQuietHufflepuff
Trying to maintain a normal life whilst being a Super Soldier and a former assassin isn't easy. And being dusted for five years certainly didn't help. New threats emerg...
Guillotine [Klance Fan-fic] by ForsakenSkull2001
Guillotine [Klance Fan-fic]by Zachary Clemett
SMUT WARNING! YES I FINALLY WROTE SMUT AT 2:16AM! ^ Full song by Jon Bellion <3 Art in the video below, by Elentori (Lovely person and ar...
Lítost | Bucky Barnes  《 Hiatus 》 by x_Atti_x
Lítost | Bucky Barnes 《 Hiatus 》by Attz
" We just want the world to love the little monsters that we are " ~ Atticus ~ 𝙾𝚛 𝚒𝚗 𝚠𝚑𝚒𝚌𝚑 𝚊 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚒𝚜...
Peter Stark The Blip by cawcawmothertrucker
Peter Stark The Blipby Marvel nerd
[discontinued until i finish my oneshots book] Peter isnt blipped in infinity war and since aunt may sadly passed away, Tony and Natasha Stark take him in. His life when...
parrel worlds  by mckinley_parker
parrel worlds by McKinley Parker
is it possible to change the horrible world you live in ? Y/n always wondered that . Her mind always worked different then others , thinking of different possibilitys an...
Soul Stone by Pickle1818
Soul Stoneby Midnight
The pain want to unbearable at first, but then his saviour as a hero started going against him in a futile effort. His body was ripping apart, but then his healing was p...
The cabin by bestbabyromanoger
The cabinby Talia :)
Hello :)))) This idea came to me on a maths lesson so instead of doing algebra I wrote down ideas for this story <33 ~description~ After the blip, it was hard for ev...
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Alone in the Silence by bluenaomi459
Alone in the Silenceby Naomi Blue
Eleven-year-old Anne Marie's parents have died as a result of the Snap after crashing into the car ahead whose drivers had turned to dust. Now lost, she wanders until sh...
Universal - Karli Morgenthau (TFATWS) by LAC1940
Universal - Karli Morgenthau ( FantasyandHistory
"When did this go from helping each other to us verses them?" One world, one people. One world, no borders. Could it really be that simple? And could the same...
Drax: the Invisible Man. The story of Drax the Destroyer. by StarMakesPJOContent
Drax: the Invisible Man. The Off to play Genshin, ill be d...
COVER AINT MINE. Drax's journey on mastering his skills. YOU ca learn it too!
A New Normal by ms_sarcastic
A New Normalby ms_sarcastic
The halls feel haunted, reminders of their past life and painful memories. They were gone and now they have to readjust to a world they don't know.
Drafts by LightWolf46
Draftsby LightWolf46
Blip blop bloop, this is random crap that I come up with when I'm bored, its only gonna have a few chapters, its a Christmas present to my followers in the year 2019, la...
pomes and blips by aprilmorningfire
pomes and blipsby aprilmorningfire
These are pomes and blips that I make or I like if they are not mine I will tell you who there by. Now you probably wondering what a blip is, a blip is when i get a idea...
Wut? by _IlyNico
Wut?by _IlyNico
Join Blip and Pip in a New adventure that Will make you laugh until you explode!! Lol love you all
Five years later... by commorancy
Five years hal
Imagine what it was like to watch your loved ones vanish in front of you. What it was like to grieve their deaths.... To build their graves.... And to move on... Only fo...