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I have an Uncle?  ( ON HOLD) by mikelud_
I have an Uncle? ( ON HOLD)by mikelud_
After the war, all Percy wanted to do was go home and be at peace. But what happens when she finds out that her mother has been murdered and she has to move in with her...
The Powerful Mystery (Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover) by -whale-
The Powerful Mystery (Percy maddie:)
After the Giant War, the seven have finally been able to have peace. Though Percy and Annabeth still struggle with nightmares, they have decided to live a normal life. W...
Percabeth, Percabeth, and more Percabeth by pretty_as_neptune
Percabeth, Percabeth, and more Mac
Cute Percabeth one-shots from other peoples point of view
A new start (A Percy Jackson story) by marvel_pj_hp
A new start (A Percy Jackson story)by FandomWritter
Poseidon decides to check up on Percy at camp, where he finds him crying. He wants a real father/son relationship, will it work out? Will Triton and Amphitrite accept Pe...
CHB One Shots by PersassysWiseGirl
CHB One Shotsby Astoria Artemisia
Just some speculation, wishful thinking, au's abt uncle rick's best books. the 7 and other characters are also mentioned here, but it's mostly percabeth. want 2 thank Ka...
Meet Percabeth and One-shots by PercabethShip1
Meet Percabeth and One-shotsby PercabethShip1
Mortals will meet Percabeth. It will go on until they started, to until they're married and have kids. Some of the mortals will have parts to get revenge on Percabeth. S...
The Prince delivered my mail?! by highnonsenselogic
The Prince delivered my mail?!by highnonsenselogic
Conner from Young Justice meets merman!Percy Jackson and has trouble not to fall off his rock or Percy offers to deliver a letter from Kaldur's Mum on his way back to Ne...
How the Sky fell for the Sea by buttonstories
How the Sky fell for the Seaby Miss Button
A mate is the most important bond in the werewolf world. Jason is days from becoming the new Pack Alpha, presenting and finding out who that special person is. Percy is...
My Love For Him  *percico* by anotherconfusedchild
My Love For Him *percico*by bean sprout
So I was just listening to a song one day and this story came to mind. -It all happened too fast. I was too wrapped up in making him have the best time of his life, I d...
A bunch of PJO stuff, please, please, please give me ideas for things to write. Also I am not Rick Riordan therefore percy jackson does not belong to me.
Harry Potter, Adopted Son of Percy Jackson (Discontinued) by AdriannaMarie1100
Harry Potter, Adopted Son of AdriannaMarie1100
Harry Potter abused until seven he's thrown out of the Dursleys. Wondering around bloody and bruised. Found by Percy Jackson to be raised better. He goes to Hogwarts to...
Blue Cookies and Viola's Milk by Jinglebells852
Blue Cookies and Viola's Milkby Jinglebells852
When Nico has to shadow travel himself, Percy, and Annabeth out of the woods one Capture the Flag, he goes somewhere unexpected. What happens when the worlds of Percy Ja...
Percy Jackson meets harry potter by giraffe_weirdo
Percy Jackson meets harry potterby GiRaFFe WeIRDo
This is going to be a harry potter percy jackson crossover It will take place after the giant war and the defeat of voldemort. The title makes it obvious i know its over...
Percabeth AU by PersassysWiseGirl
Percabeth AUby Astoria Artemisia
This is mortals meet demigods, no mist only, so if you enjoy this, kick back and relax as you see Uncle Rick's characters meet stupid mortals and LIVE to see their futur...
Dear Magnus, - A FierroChase and Percabeth Book by Wishiwaspercyjacskon
Dear Magnus, - A FierroChase and Al 🐸
"Magnus, I know we haven't talked in a while but I need your help. Our camp is under attack with these monsters that none of us know/ heard of. Chiron seems to thin...
PJO Fans Only!!!!!! by aalalyalyx
PJO Fans Only!!!!!!by alyx
title says all :) #1 in frankzang #8 in important #777 in annabethchase #87 in birthdays #24 in fangirling #154 in fanart #44 dates #748 in hoo #612 in nicodiangelo #44...
"We Could Do Better Then This." (Pipercy) by UsualGalaxy
"We Could Do Better Then This." ( Dyana Whyte
Piper is a good secret keeper,tell her your secret. She'll keep it. But one day,she makes a secret and swears on the river styx,but then she hears the secret,tells Percy...
The Dark in The Daughter of Apollo¹ | l. valdez by Minhothesassmaster
The Dark in The Daughter of Zhoris Lishay
"I WISH IT WAS YOU!!! I WISH YOU TOOK MOM'S PLACE!!!" "DON'T YOU THINK I WISH THE SAME?!?!?!?" Sol Hija Dawn has been on the run for 5 years. Until...
Social Deviance by TheRedSourPatchKid
Social Devianceby 𝚁𝙴𝙳
𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞: It's springtime at Goode High, but Percy Jackson's plan to ask the scary nerd girl to prom is foiled when he learns about his new school's...
People meet demigods by pk_616
People meet demigodsby scoopsrobin
I know that there is enough of these in the world but writing cliche one shots are so fun!