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The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the princess of Hell, Satan's dau...
blurry face - phan by phanci
blurry face - phanby :phanci
" my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they ar...
the city // joshler  by curiosity-
the city // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
"if you wanna find love then you know where the city is." the long awaited sequel to farm boy.
omegle • joshler by Undead_Glory
omegle • joshlerby undead gløry
you're now connected with a random stranger. say hi! you and the stranger both like suicide. ... lowercase intended trigger warning (self harm, mental health, mentions o...
The Stolen Innocent Boy | Joshler✓ by quiettheviolent
The Stolen Innocent Boy | Joshler✓by A Pantaloon
×new cover× Josh Dun, a 25 year old mercenary was hired to kidnap a teen with the name of Tyler Joseph, not knowing the true intention of his employers, Josh take the st...
We're broken people~ Adopted by Tyler Joseph by Isleofthejudge
We're broken people~ Adopted by Isleofthejudge
Crystal has been living in an orphanage ever since her parents got arrested... until one day she sees people who look very familiar....Tyler Joseph? (Trigger warnings- s...
Welcome To Trench by dog7meat
Welcome To Trenchby casp. 18.
Highest Ranking: #1 in tylerxreader #1 in trench #1 in dema #1 in joshxreader #1 in 21pilots #1 in welcometotrench
twenty one pilots imagines by lovesdistorted
twenty one pilots imaginesby jena <3
just some imagines about two dudes from ohio that won a grammy. (reader uses she/her pronouns unless stated otherwise) *yes i reuse oc names sometimes. unless it is a mu...
Twenty one pilots gif imagines (SLOW UPDATES)  by 1-800-BLURRYFACE
Twenty one pilots gif imagines ( Unknown
Just here to make mine & your dreams come true (kinda) This book is purely fiction and just for fun I'm not trynna Alter...
lead singer || a tyler jøseph x reader  by shorty_the_surgeon
lead singer || a tyler jøseph x ummm
A Tyler Joseph x Reader in your POV. Love. Loss. Tragedy. And the experience neither of them expected. (All respect to Jenna)
Blurryface | Shefani by leviqcks
Blurryface | Shefaniby lizzy
gwen was living on the edge. her voices told her the negative. blake was the new kid. her voices didn't like him. but maybe her heart did. in a battle between gwen's h...
online (joshler) by nevermxnd
online (joshler)by ally
typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]
Tyler Joseph Imagines by -M-I-N-E-
Tyler Joseph Imaginesby Madz
Tyler x reader / Jyler Be aware that these contain anything ranging from: self harm, sexual content (makeouts, talks of sex etc.), NO detailed smut, profanity, anxiety...
lovely // josh dun x reader by LemonChic
lovely // josh dun x readerby michela☆彡
You are 17. You are an adopted sister of Tyler, and one day you come home to see a guy from your school getting beat up again. You felt the need to protect him. And damn...
lockers // joshler  by curiosity-
lockers // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
tyler is too scared to tell josh how beautiful he is, so he leaves notes in his locker instead. ♡ safe story, no triggers ♡
reverseby den
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun were best friends, but after Tyler gets into the wrong crowd they drift apart. Then after being forced to break up with Jenna Black things star...
The Run and Go (Josh Dun X Reader) by strangelyastonished
The Run and Go (Josh Dun X Reader)by sad
Having a crush on one of your closest friends is not easy. You want to tell them how you feel but what if they don't feel the same? Will your friendship be ruined foreve...
confess Ξ tyler joseph x reader by unfilledpotholes
confess Ξ tyler joseph x readerby elle
It'd been six years. Six *years*. Since you'd seen each other. After they were signed, you kind of got distant. Life got in the way, you finished college... and Tyler? H...
Stay With Me (Joshler) by _scootscoot_
Stay With Me (Joshler)by The emoest of rats
A Joshler au set in highschool. Tyler just moved into a new house and he has a neighbor who goes to the same school. Tyler writes in his diary every day, but one day he...
✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile by Blurry_Writer
✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A ☾KittyKat☽
"Best friend not boyfriend. Best friend not boyfriend," Tyler repeats to himself endlessly. He can't feel this way about his best friend, and he wouldn't let...