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KARD One Shots  by Vinkookteez
KARD One Shots by Vinkookteez
Probably a lot of B.seph, but Somin and Jiwoo will be around, too. Don't be afraid to leave a comment :)
Sweetie, I'm a guy - Total Drama Island by cerluvz
Sweetie, I'm a guy - Total Drama Cerberus
This is an self insert (but we'll call it an oc) x tdi story Also the ocs description is in the first chapter along with some notes I want to put out there. ___________...
Heist of our lives  by JENLISAblinks100
Heist of our lives by Tiffany and Lisa
This is a PG version of the story. If anyone remembers the original one they already know what the story is about. Planning.... revenge.... love... family and lastly a...
Brothers by aAdonia13
Brothersby Rin Yo
Everyone in Blue Lock knows Rin hates Sae and Sae doesn't give a damn about Rin. But is it really true?
him and his friend | 1992 by getsd6rk
him and his friend | 1992by ♱
"best friends" - Images! this is kinda like oneshots! - if you don't like øystein or pelle pls do not read this! you gotta know this is a fantasy! also if you...
Black Suits (DREAMCATCHER) by AJandL
Black Suits (DREAMCATCHER)by AJ & L
Who says a woman can't become a spy? The members whom are known as DREAMCATCHER will be undercover as the bodyguards of a rich family, but that is not all that it seems...
His Art by Dat3bonyDoll
His Artby Doll
"I want you to understand, not just change" Change is hard because of what we are used to but our love is easy because we want it bad enough.
Crush by Deekshu33
Crushby Deekshu
Somin has her feelings for BM where BM's sister Jiwoo likes J Seph and it turns out that J Seph has his feelings for Somin. It's a triangular love story !! ...
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I could be the one  by sophie_c2909
I could be the one by sophie_c2909
Beca Mitchell is a famous music producer in LA. She's worked with some fairly famous people since moving there 6 years ago, names such as Usher, Chris Brown, Ke$ha, One...
-◇Sweet Sweet Housekeeper◇- by lanarisaly
-◇Sweet Sweet Housekeeper◇-by lucinda lusi lu
Head of Kamisato clan starts to fall in love with his sweet housekeeper. With bumps on the way, finally, after a long time crush on each other, their together. [READ TO...
Games by minnies_bangz
Gamesby minnies_bangs
Jeon Y/n was a simple and ordinary girl. From Busan, she was chosen to represent her city to play in the games nine girls created. Y/n will have to survive what's coming...
K.A.R.D Bmin / Somin × Bm by SsomPeace
K.A.R.D Bmin / Somin × Bmby Peace and Love
K.A.R.D a 4 Headed Co-ed Group. Bm, J.seph, Somin and Jiwoo. Everybody already knew that they couldn't be together ore develop feelings for each other but who can stop y...
Mutual Attatchment by pasta_isgr8
Mutual Attatchmentby pasta_isgr8
Jeon Somin had everything Popular, good grades, her best friend Kim Taehyung and her boyfriend Mathew Kim When looking at her you would think that she was the perfect st...
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Exchange Student (A Dream High Story) by MightyBrand3464
Exchange Student (A Dream High BrandonH99
Disclaimer: Contains some strong language Loosely based on the K-Drama: Dream High. This is my own spin to it, some characters from other Kpop stories may be familiar. T...
KARD - A Dangerous Gamble | BWoo by PSFangirl
KARD - A Dangerous Gamble | BWooby IAmNotYourMochi
"You know that's the most you've said to me all week." He stiffened. "You haven't talked to me." I took a step forward. "Haven't acknowledged me...
impossible • bwoo by incorrectmaia
impossible • bwooby maia
In which Jiwoo and Matthew crosses the impossible line of love and being an idol.
IDOL OR LOVE? (Bm x J.seph)(discontinued) by 2OWF_61
IDOL OR LOVE? (Bm x J.seph)( T.F
J.seph has his first heat and BM it's there to help . But things are not easy when your an Idol. *** "I'm pregnant" J.seph *** I suck at this 😑 editor cause I...
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Good love (a J Seph/Kim Taehyung x male reader story) by nightheart97
Good love (a J Seph/Kim Taehyung Taran Leigh Raines
Casey Kim is an assistant for an upcoming star when he meets Kard. What happens when he gets close to a certain member who finds out his secret?
Tiger's Maiden  by poezrason
Tiger's Maiden by xxa
Facing death penalty and life sentences, they were already dead in prison, swearing to god they would resurrect for revenge. Then she was offered. "Two years cont...
The Mafia Princess by idgafml
The Mafia Princessby Niaa_bxby
"When I said you were mine that's what I ment, so if anyone tries to take you away from me I WILL KILL THEM" Leo said "And I'm doing it all for you my lov...