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Origins Crew x Reader Oneshots/Preferences by notmydivisionn
Origins Crew x Reader Oneshots/ Ironslut
REQUESTS: OPEN Various 'x reader' oneshots between you and your favourite primis/origins character! **I DO NOT OWN BLACK OPS OR ANY GAME IN THE CALL OF DUTY FRANCHISE NO...
Farm girl and Shy nerd (Misty x Marlton) by Lalo1916
Farm girl and Shy nerd (Misty x Major 1234
Misty's hometown and Marlton will be around as a long lost surviver, this takes place after the apocalypse and these two characters will grow chemistry, affection, and l...
Secrets of a Gamer Girl by Princesa108
Secrets of a Gamer Girlby Kim
Jazmine is a top-notch, classy girl who grew up having it all. From diamonds to Prada, she knows how to play it rich. However, this rich girl has a secret side to her t...
Misty and Marlton by RedFoxyGirl
Misty and Marltonby RedFoxyGirl
Two survivors surviving the zombie apocalypse along with Samuel and Russman misty and marlton developed a crush on eachother but will marlton have the courage to express...
Aether story: Different Destiny  by Dueltainer_Spirit
Aether story: Different Destiny by Dueltainer Spirit
With the universe unbalance it's up to four mens, all with similar ancient past. Their ancient past try to reach upon them as if it wants them to remember.
Seals in a new region  by CommanderNeyo
Seals in a new region by Commander Neyo
after the capture of Ramirez a gate opened by the main force of troop and monsters and men ran through speaking gibberish they where hostile so they where shot and kille...
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-Marlton x Misty- by -StxrryNxghts-
-Marlton x Misty-by -StxrryNxghts-
Misty had always been on her own throughout time. That was until she met a man named Marlton Johnson. She grew very fond of him over time yet he didn't feel the same.
Dead From the City. (Dead Rising 2 X COD CDC Reader.) by SpartanOfLegendary
Dead From the City. (Dead Rising GhostOfShawn
When i was on mission on Hudson and his friend Russian Weaver. We found Dr Steiner But Mason kill him from his pistol. After that The soldier carry him and i hear a nois...
Call of Duty Franchise Oneshots by Sonya_Nightmare
Call of Duty Franchise Oneshotsby Sonya Nightmare
Requests: Always Open Updates: EXTREMELY SLOW & VERY LATE Any sort of Call of Duty game, I will be doing main characters from games I know so far so if you all are wanti...
Male reader x RWBY (Origins bo2 zombies) by Johnhades124
Male reader x RWBY (Origins bo2 Johnhades124
This is the black ops 2 origins cause thats mah favorite Your name is y/n your a survivor in the origins map read the rest to find out i don't own any pictures if i am...
COD: Zombies Adventures  by Classymob54
COD: Zombies Adventures by Ланский
Random adventures involving Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, takeo and other groups such as the soldiers who have witnessed the undead. More stories in...
Call of Duty: Zombies Perk-a-colas by zmsfhax
Call of Duty: Zombies Perk-a-colasby zmsfhax
All the different Perk-a-Colas you can acquire in Call of Duty zombies. No copyright intended.
Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew: Role Playing by Lalo1916
Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew: Major 1234
The Aventures of Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew!
CoD Multiplayer by WheatleyMiner
CoD Multiplayerby Wheatley BIRDBIRD
This is another Call of Duty series featuring me, my friends, and of course, CoD. One of my favorite games ever. I love to just get in and play zombies or multiplayer or...
A gamer's guide by A1mighty_gamer
A gamer's guideby A1mighty_gamer
this guide will help you survive many games that i play 24/7...i will share some of my experiences I've had in can also request some game tips and glitches.
The BIG Book of Rants by SocietyDrivenKid
The BIG Book of Rantsby SocietyDrivenKid
This book is basically talking about my funny rants in school, home and life in general. Sit back and laugh!
COD:Zombies Storyline  by TheDarkAlchamist
COD:Zombies Storyline by Ghastly Soul
The zombies storyline. By Jason Blundell
How Video Games Should Have Ended by DillonTheGUN
How Video Games Should Have Endedby Come on cuh
A ripoff of "How Movies Should Have Ended" but a book and a twist!