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Goblins Must Be Burned (Fem! Goblin Slayer X Firebreak) by Unthinkable175
Goblins Must Be Burned (Fem! Estatic Think
After disappearing from Earth, Firebreak woke up on a new world; one that is completely different from his own. He need the aid of the Goblin Slayer and her friends to b...
Call of Duty One Shots by CuriousDelirious
Call of Duty One Shotsby Decanus
-A book of Cod characters, ranging from Oneshots to preferences- World at War World War 2 Black Ops (1-2-3-4) Infinite Warfare Advanced Warfare Cold War
Aether story: Different Destiny  by Dueltainer_Spirit
Aether story: Different Destiny by Dueltainer Spirit
With the universe unbalance it's up to four mens, all with similar ancient past. Their ancient past try to reach upon them as if it wants them to remember.
Call of Duty (all) Black Ops one shots by ingoadler
Call of Duty (all) Black Ops one ingoadler
requests! start fillin' in! DM me, or comment on my first chapter! I'll do all black ops games, I'm most familiar with BO1-BO3 zombies, BOCW anything, (campaign, multipl...
Bo4 x reader  by ACTION-WOLF
Bo4 x reader by ActionWolf
Black ops 4 one shots with reader, didn't matter what gender of reader
RolePlay Form + OCs by Ludwigy
RolePlay Form + OCsby Ludwigy ö
I RP pretty much anything. Mainly into- The Walking Dead(TV Show) Celebrity RPs Marvel TF2 Band RPs RDR Black Ops Zombies (aether story) Inglorious Basterds
Spectre a hollow wetwork specialist  by skullfacexof
Spectre a hollow wetwork Michael
The wetwork specialist Spectre has seen death nearly all their lives. Yet no one knows who they really are they just do missions and work for anyone that enploys them. C...