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Falling in love with a Vamp (COMPLETED) by Yours_Nidhi
Falling in love with a Vamp ( Nidhi
(Apart Series - Book 5) Lavanya Khanna was a big name in the glamour world. She was a tall, sexy, bombshell who would keep her personal life secretive. Her acting and de...
SALAAR- The devil's promise (Completed) by that_royal_writer
SALAAR- The devil's promise ( that_royal_writer
When Rocky bhai died, the KGF empire remained with no king and soon enough jackals took over the throne. Rocky became a myth, history was forgetten, and stories were re...
Imperfectly Perfect by ranjhaax
Imperfectly Perfectby ranjhaax
In the heart of a bustling city, two people were brought together by fate. He was a workaholic, consumed by his job, while she was chaotic, living life with the little m...
Opposites Attract by erm1909
Opposites Attractby In Progresss
When Shraddha, Alia and Kriti's summer vacation is cancelled they have to spend the rest of the summer in a family friends house. However it won't be a normal vacation...
HOME FOR  MY HEART |KL Rahul Fanfiction| by naina102030
HOME FOR MY HEART |KL Rahul Naina Sharma
~ "I don't mind. I'm okay with this marriage." "So, it's a yes from your side?" "Yeah, it's a yes." "Well then, I don't have any re...
Omegle | Cristiano Ronaldo by cristiano-
Omegle | Cristiano Ronaldoby ♡
"yeah, right. if you're cristiano ronaldo, i'm barack obama." ------- [She is a sarcastic fangirl and omegle addict. He is the world's best footballer and omeg...
If by dellyfierce
Ifby Damla
What would happen if Alauddin Khilji managed to get Rani Padmavati out of flames? Ranked #1 in Bollywood.
ENCHANTED- BY LOVE by that_royal_writer
ENCHANTED- BY LOVEby that_royal_writer
RANKED #1 CUTE #1 COMEDY-ROMANCE #2 YOUNG ADULT #2 BOLLYWOOD #2 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT #7 COMEDY-DRAMA #9 LOVE The story of king Adinath, a righteous king known for his a...
Furore by ughshams
Furoreby shamvi.
Do you see how I love him true~ it could have been you. As for you and your love for she~ it could have been...
One True Bond (COMPLETE) by ginaholiday
One True Bond (COMPLETE)by Gina Holiday
Filming a hit movie can be tough, but what happens when you fall for your co-star whilst both of you are still married? Torn between right and wrong, love and hate, fate...
Love could be that strong #YourStoryIndia by Granger08
Love could be that strong Granger08
Meet Madhu and Khushi, two friends who are more like sisters. Being completely opposite of each other they somehow share a great bond. The calm and determined Madhu equa...
A Loan Of Five Rupees by Suganthii
A Loan Of Five Rupeesby सुगंथी
[Winner Of Tweet Your Story India] In the hustle bustle of the Twenty First century, where everyone forgets about their own self, two people experience their most beau...
Entangled Relationships by loveto_write_for_fun
Entangled Relationshipsby loveto_write_for_fun
Myra Kapoor. Rich. Successful. A fashion designer. And an entrepreneur. She has everything in life. Money. House. Best friend. But what she doesn't have is love. Coming...
  The Cricketer's Verdict  by XSURMAX
The Cricketer's Verdict by xsurmax
Arjun Malhotra, a lethal batsman, gold mine for paparazzi, and the true heartthrob of the country. Kiara Singh, a Judge, and your next-door girl. They meet in the worst...
Virushka- The Love Saga by Iris270902_
Virushka- The Love Sagaby Iris
He is the King of Cricket. She is the Queen of Bollywood. Two strangers who knew nothing about each other's existence, came together at a small juncture of their lives a...
Until perfect lasts (ArShi) by MsLizzieWrites
Until perfect lasts (ArShi)by Ms.Lizzie
Khushi wanted a break. When pushed to choose between break as a project head of a famous advertising agency or break as a wife and mother, not so subtly, she chooses bre...
Love Finds its Way (COMPLETED) #MissionDesi by BeautifulPari
Love Finds its Way (COMPLETED) BeautifulPari
Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other hand still hasnt got over his past relationship. What...
Their Future by hk67890
Their Futureby Gurleen
story with pics...The hit Jodi of India, bb13 power couple, who were once called do Jism ek jaan, a decade later has become strangers....what happened in these years, a...
The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn Malik} AU (Under Editing) #MissionDesi by huesofzaypika
The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn huesofzaypika
The year is 1741. The Mughal dynasty is at its zenith of power . King Zayn has it all, the looks, riches and above all... he is the King of Lahore. He was a man who got...
Love knocks again - Completed by MsLizzieWrites
Love knocks again - Completedby Ms.Lizzie
Shivay Singh Oberoi lived life of a recluse. The mammoth task for him every day was to at least let him set foot out of the house for even simple mundane tasks. With a l...