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Loving you is a good problem to have ~ bubbline  by fsxciety14
Loving you is a good problem to Sinister
~ bubbline high school AU ~ 15+ -Marceline was known as the 'quiet girl' but had quite the rebellious side on her that no one really knew, until one day she met a girl...
Highschool Bubblegum pink  by RandomTitle
Highschool Bubblegum pink by RandomTitle
High School version of Marceline and PB falling for each other
ɨ'ʍ ɦօʍɛ - ɮʊɮɮʟɨռɛ by -Radio-C0unty
ɨ'ʍ ɦօʍɛ - ɮʊɮɮʟɨռɛby Adam Murray
Marcelline leaves Bonabelle / Princess Bubblegum to go help Finn & Jake with fighting monsters so Bubblegum goes to her castle to watch her people and make more candy pe...
The Great Winged-Woman by ShepardAndJack
The Great Winged-Womanby ShepardAndJack
Hey lads an lasses. I had an assignment in English where I had to write a Creation Myth. And I would like to share it with you all. I've based most of my characters on t...
I Want  by MichaelClifford4Prez
I Want by MichaelClifford4Prez
A one night stand led to infatuation, and infatuation to lust.
Tear Stained Face (Bubbline) by sydney332270783
Tear Stained Face (Bubbline)by sydney332270783
Bubbline GirlxGirl Don't own anything but plot Enjoy