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That Girl by Jahni_Writes
That Girlby Jahni
Korra is a new kid to Republic City High. She instantly clicks with Asami's new friend group. While Korra is all smiles and bouncy around them she has to face her realit...
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮   korra by dattebaby
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮 korraby 👑
❝ YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE A BEIFONG ? ❞ Ami questioned shyly. She was a shy person. Korra may be able to handle the elements, but Ami wasn't sure that Korra could handl...
High school Agents by yamivee
High school Agentsby yami.v
Korra and her parents work in a Organization as agents. Korra's Parents adopted, Bolin, Mako, and Kai and made them part of the Secret Organization. Korra, Mako, Bolin...
The Missing Avatar by yamivee
The Missing Avatarby yami.v
The Avatar has gone missing for 18 years, where is she now? No one knows. Asami Sato, the new girl at school meets new friends, but one girl in particular caught Asami's...
Moments in Life- A Kainora Fanfiction by GorcLine
Moments in Life- A Kainora GorcLine
A calm and peaceful day was a rare occurrence for Jinora and Kai, sooner rather than later they would be on their next whirlwind adventure. New friends, old enemies. The...
the one i want ; korrasami by sapphiclysm
the one i want ; korrasamiby ya mama
gay ppl or smth🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ cover art - beechichi on tumblr ranks! #1 in sapphic #1 in wuko #2 in korrasami #2 in kyalin #122 in avatarthelastairbender
Rekindle: Avatar's Love Book 2 (COMPLETED) by korrasmustyboots
Rekindle: Avatar's Love Book 2 ( Dumb Dyke
It's been years since Korra died. Due to recent events, Asami has reason to believe that Korra is in fact alive. The only problem is only one person will believe her.
Cross posted on Ao3. Korra, a small town musician found love during the summer, but it didn't last as her crush Asami Sato had to move back to her town. However...
Catch My Breath - Korrasami College AU by HeroshiKun
Catch My Breath - Korrasami Heroshi ~ Kun
Korra Waters is a college student in Republic College. She has a reputation for being a smart, quiet girl in class and dosen't socialize very often. She plays a guitar h...
Makorra Reunion(Root A). by FairyTailbelike
Makorra Reunion(Root A).by Azula
After Mako and Korra's breakup. Korra was the only one who could move on. But she still isn't happy. Mako is trying to move on but he feels uncomfortable with his new re...
The Rogue Airbender (A Kainora Fanfic) by Musicwolfeee
The Rogue Airbender (A Kainora Musicwolfeee
What if Jinora and Team Avatar rescued Kai and the other Airbenders from the Earth Queens prison but Kai and some of the others stayed behind to fight the Dai Li? Eight...
Korrasami - The Girl Next Door (DISCONTINUED) by KateClaessens14
Korrasami - The Girl Next Door ( KateClaessens14
DISCONTINUED Korra is just walking out of her house one day when she suddenly bumps into the beautiful girl moving in next door Asami Sato. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the L...
Random ATLA/LOK stuff by bubblegumishh
Random ATLA/LOK stuffby Wifey material
Random Avatar stuff (I do not own any characters) One-shots Ships Song fics Quotes Memes Ships: Tokka, kataang, maiko, korrasami, bopal, and moreee Requests? ✅ Cover...
Scout adventures by camoe1
Scout adventuresby Precious
Korra and the brothers had been in scout since they were kids. Now that their teenagers and junior high this year and fell in love with the popular girls who just too pe...
Thats the life for me by QueenLeighton
Thats the life for meby Leighton Heartfilia
A pirate/ princess makorra fanfiction also #Romance #Adventure #Action #Pirates #Princesses
Bob Squad And Then There Wu  by jinoraairbender
Bob Squad And Then There Wu by jinora airbender
this story is a modern au with bending. korra,opal,wu,and jinora are cousins that are like siblings that work for the white lotus. they were hired by hiroshi sato to pro...
Avatar: The Legend Reborn - Book 1: Hope  by Avatar_Jiansu
Avatar: The Legend Reborn - Book JiansuTheAvatar
The Legend Reborn is a story I wrote in late 2014 about the Avatar after Korra. After the release of the Legend of Korra follow up comics I went back and added reference...
The Krew React To Ships by Holaweirdos
The Krew React To Shipsby *~💖Tsuki💖~*
TLoK version of "The Gaang React To Ships" Korrasami, Wuko, Kainora and Bopal are canon and currently happening. Bending is gone, Asami has no w3@p0n and Korra...
atla+tlok oneshots by key-toyourheart
atla+tlok oneshotsby key
oneshots for your fav atla and tlok couples (i dont own any of atla or tlok.)