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Timeless Love {Borra x OC Fanfiction} by zielleromanova
Timeless Love {Borra x OC Agent Zielle Romanova
Kiara is the biological daughter of Maleficent. She had her mother's wings and horns, as well as her eyes. She is basically a lot like Maleficent, including powers. Only...
Borra x Brittney by GreenPuggy
Borra x Brittneyby GreenPuggy
After the war between the human and dark fey ends, the dark fey move into the moors where Brittney finds that she is starting to fall for a warrior named borra.
Healing the Heart [Disney Maleficent] by Expecto_fandom89
Healing the Heart [Disney SteamHeart
[Male! Maleficent x fem! fey! reader] Maleficent. King of the Moors. Feared by both those who lived within the wall of thorns, and those who lived in the nearby kingdoms...
A Natural Love  by Autogirls
A Natural Love by Lina_Lovebug
"WHATEVER MAY COME, YOUR HEART I WILL CHOOSE. FOREVER, I'M YOURS, FOREVER, I DO" in which the princess of camelot ends up charming the leader of the dark fae...
Binded (Borra x Fem!Reader) by dreamoflycans
Binded (Borra x Fem!Reader)by Lycan
You are a human living in the village near the Castle of Ulstead. Life was fairly simple and for the most part, unexciting. However, after returning home one day from de...
A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Mistress of evil-BorraxOC by Nova_BlackAngel
A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Angel
A mysterious horned girl running away to protect her life found shelter into the moors by accident Little she know that it will be the beginning of her new life with a...
Forward In Time by airbenderwrites
Forward In Timeby CJ
A new threat comes to the Four Nations. Unfortunately, at the same time, the Gaang is sent forward in time... to the future... seventy years into the future. What they d...
The Girl After by arimichella
The Girl Afterby arimichella
Leinani Ho had an unachievable legacy to live up to. Her grandmother was a hero, and Fire Lord Zuko never let anyone forget it. Desperate to escape such expectations, Le...
Desert Blossom by Chimera12345
Desert Blossomby Ladybird 17
Follow a girl named, Jorden as she lives amongst dark fey on an island, hiding forced into exile in order to survive the world around them. Follow her as she grows with...
Kai's Past by KorraStyle
Kai's Pastby Ashley
A dramatic story based on The Legend of Korra Character Kai,in his past.
Iris ( maleficent fanfic)  by Bri05128
Iris ( maleficent fanfic) by Bri05128
Iris moves to a town close to the castle of prince Philip she had just gone trough a horrible situation and needed a place to stay only 10 at the time she meets Claude(g...
Avatar One Shots by JessicaDom
Avatar One Shotsby Jessica Dominique
Here is just a bunch if my one shots and short continual stories! (Small because they come from my Instagram account) I hope you enjoy! I'll also take requests and try t...
TLOK One Shots by _Waterbends_
TLOK One Shotsby _Waterbends_
This will include: Makorra Borra Korrasami Masami Bopal Irosami Kyalin Tenlin Kainora and any other ship I didn't list and you request NO OC ONE SHOTS! I'll do x reader...
My Ships ⚠️READ FIRST CHAPTER kudoskiddo
Peeps I was young when I wrote this i dont know how old I was specifically or what I was doing here but I hate this monstrosity and you shouldn't read it or interact wit...
Broken Illusions: Legend of Korra by vivtheviolinist
Broken Illusions: Legend of Korraby Viv
Bolin's POV from when Korra lost her bending. Features one-sided Borra with Bosami, Makorra, and one-sided Masami thrown in. Request from my dear friend. (Picture not mi...
Republic City High School by Mewantcake
Republic City High Schoolby Alex
When Korra moves to Republic City to learn air bending, she soon learns she must attend the school there in order to blend in.
The Fallen  |Maleficent Inspired Story| by sukunasxvessel
The Fallen |Maleficent Inspired AKAZA BUT BETTER
Some spoilers from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil What if Maleficent had a friend who was exactly like her? What if that friend was to be like a sister to Aurora? My name...
The  Moors by XDullPencil
The Moorsby Dull Pencil
-Aurora is a poor peasant that is brought into the Moors. -Maleficent and Borra take Aurora into becoming their child/little. -As Aurora develops, she is kidnapped by th...
Memories and Change by gods_little_ninja
Memories and Changeby Oli Robinson
Its been a few months since Mako has broken up with Korra and the world has changed greatly since her decision to leaving portals open. Korra has been having trouble fu...