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New...(A Danger Force FanFiction) by adilynluvz
New...(A Danger Force FanFiction)by adilyn
Scarlette Gonzalez, ever since she was little, there was always something weird about her. One night, she goes to her secret hideout, where she talks to her grandmother...
bapa!! Is chapa feeling ok? by sksklamb
bapa!! Is chapa feeling ok?by sofia
Bose has a crush on Chapa, but he doesn't know how to tell her. Chapa has not been feeling to well. Shall they fall in love? Read more to find out. Not part of story li...
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henry's sister (bose x fem OC) by MiahSailor
henry's sister (bose x fem OC)by MiahSailor
what if henry didn't have one sister but two sisters meet Jaelynn Hart.
Her best... friend? (Chapa x reader) ((SLOW UPDATES)) by TropicAL_Essy
Her best... friend? (Chapa x Essence
Your Chapa's best friend and your going along on Danger Forces journey to becoming heroes!! But you Chapa get a bit 'hot' along the way.. hehe.... Get it? No? Ok.... Tha...
Crushing It -  A Chapa x Y/N story by Jmenozafuentes25
Crushing It - A Chapa x Y/N storyby Gacha Juliana
I love this show so much that I'll make a book about it. But you are Ray's niece. You like girly and cute stuff and moved to Swellview. On Chapa in the other hand she is...
Across Dimensions-A Space Time Adventure (Chapa X Reader) by Henry_Senju
Across Dimensions-A Space Time Henry
Three separate worlds mix... Conflict and chaos from all sides... And one teen caught in the middle of it all,forced to cope with both external and internal demons... A...
Bapa vs Bomika by DaShipper_15
Bapa vs Bomikaby Nikki P
uhmm, this is my first ever story and I still dont know wat I'm doing anyway. I'm asking for feedback, be honest so I can get better.✌ so it's about how Bose has to choo...
chapa x reader (danger force) by ah0yrobin
chapa x reader (danger force)by ah0yrobin
Your Rays daughter and he tried to keep y/n (you) a secret but will the secret get out? Btw i am not good at writing storys so i very sorry if this is bad! i will try a...
Only YOU Make Me Feel Better!! {Complete} by rithikaj12
Only YOU Make Me Feel Better!! { rj12
Highest Ranking : #112 in fanfiction 10th July 2017 If you at reading this story on any other platform other than wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware...
Bose & Chapa one-shots by kola283
Bose & Chapa one-shotsby kola283
Hey, I made this book, because I love ship bapa from „Danger Force". I'm Polish and I don't be very good at English, but please give me a chance. I hope you're like...
Roll Camera! (havan flores X OC) by DF1ES1ALOL1
Roll Camera! (havan flores X OC)by Danger Force, Everything Suck...
Me attempting a story since I can't find any being written in. Inspired by @L1nd3n from their story of WOMEN. This will be when danger force will have a new cast member ...
  Her obsession & madness  by khushiprajapati182
Her obsession & madness by khushi Prajapati
it's swasan story from starting track where they come home from hospital when ragini go pushing swara in river this story is totally different here is madness betrayal o...
Danger Force Chapa/Havan x reader oneshots by Alphareader13
Danger Force Chapa/Havan x Alex
This will be a oneshot book for Chapa from danger force and Havan Flores since there aren't enough of these, so feel free to request!
Jimmy Hall x Reader - The Window Washer by that_one_writer_268
Jimmy Hall x Reader - The Window that_one_writer
Y/n is hired as a janitor for the Sea View Hotel, who has to check in with the creepy landlord every day. Is prolonged interaction with him dangerous? Careful, he stole...
Am I In A Show? (Danger Force ~Chapa X Reader~ ) by itiskatiehenza
Am I In A Show? (Danger Force KatieHenza
Your name is Y/n Y/l/n (And your middle name(s) if you have them) You suddenly go to the show of Danger Force, and it all starts in the first episode Havan Flores, the...
Bharosha (Trust )  by khushiprajapati182
Bharosha (Trust ) by khushi Prajapati
it's start from when ragini frame swara and sanskar for her kidnapping making her closed in sanskar's car dickey tieing her hand and legs when sharmishta decide after ra...
What Is This Feeling? (Chapa X Reader) by itiskatiehenza
What Is This Feeling? (Chapa X KatieHenza
Y/n is Chapas best friend (@TropicAl_Essy had the idea before me so the credit goes to her) and her power is singing. She has had this feeling about liking her best fri...
This is how Legends are Made (Danger Force Chapa) by Wolfsbane666
This is how Legends are Made ( Pat
A oneshot collection of beautiful, hearttearing Chapa whump. Title from "Legends Are Made" by Sam Tinnesz
Bose & Mika (Dream of love)  by justin2027
Bose & Mika (Dream of love) by justin2027
Mika & Bose have been best friends since their first day at Swellview Academy For The Gifted but will things be ruined when they fall in love? Will they be kicked out o...
Lovesick. {A BAPA Story} by dforcefanz
Lovesick. {A BAPA Story}by D R
Description is in the first Chapter<3