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Beverly Hills Babe | kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
Beverly Hills Babe | kellic ( kellicandsuch
A sassy, cross-dressing boy by the name of Kellin Quinn is forced to move with his new step dad and his mum to a neighborhood in the ghetto from his beloved mansion in B...
Our Cold Sister Is A Secret Mafia? by angeleredera
Our Cold Sister Is A Secret Mafia?by Enjil02
short uodate lg po.
I Hope You Don't Regret Me (sequel to Bedless) | kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
I Hope You Don't Regret Me ( kellicandsuch
sequel to Bedless. that's all you need to know. enjoy.
Bedless| Kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
Bedless| Kellic (boyxboy)by kellicandsuch
submissive kellin quinn loves his partner, vic. he would call him his boyfriend, but he isn't allowed. vic treats kellin like pure shit, but he won't let him leave. will...
Diamonds & Why Men Buy Them | kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
Diamonds & Why Men Buy Them | kellicandsuch
Kellin is just a innocent boy from Michigan. When he moves to San Diego, he realizes he may be much too feminine than the average boy. His homosexuality is confirmed whe...
Blood For Blood - A Kellic Fanfiction by emo_writings
Blood For Blood - A Kellic A human
Kellin has a secret. Twenty-eight years old, his secret was the reason he spent ten years in prison. Now that his sentence is over, he wants a clean slate. But controlli...
These Things That We've Done (Kellin Quinn) {Book 2} by epiconfire
These Things That We've Done ( epiconfire
Sequel to This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door. Summer Quinn has been through a lot. There's been secrets, lies, changes, and promises. Finally some good events are taki...
I didnt have a choice (Kellic) by Danskindainteresting
I didnt have a choice (Kellic)by Sam
Kellin and Vic knew each other when they were younger tore apart back together best friends or something more? But Kellin has a terrible step-dad a drug problem and an e...
The First Punch (sequel to Change) | kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
The First Punch (sequel to Change) kellicandsuch
Vic claims it's over between him and his ex-boyfriend that he is still in love with, but is it really over? ° Read Change first. (:
Falling Over and Over Again [Kellin Quinn Fanfic] by gamblewithdesire2
Falling Over and Over Again [ gamblewithdesire2
Its cold. Its snowing. Its midnight. You're alone. You've got nothing better to do but count change until you figure out a way to get home, that is until you whack someo...
Crazy Love: A Kellin Quinn Fanfiction by Zaydaptvhowell
Crazy Love: A Kellin Quinn 👑Redhead Jones 👑
My name is Aleah. I'm 14, a freshman, and completely in love with Sleeping With Sirens. In this story, there is love. It starts out with a bit of hate, but in the end a...
Me without you by PierceThoseSirenss
Me without youby PierceThoseSirenss
When Bri returns home she returns to old memories and knew ones.. When meeting her bestfriends boyfriend will end up changing her life.. Don't worry not in the way you e...
Forgiveness (Tony Perry) by loserxwithxdreams
Forgiveness (Tony Perry)by Bri
What happens when Avery Matthews reunites with somebody from her past?
Skyline Drive | Kellin Quinn by aquapilot
Skyline Drive | Kellin Quinnby *•Røse•*
Hanna Kimberly-Tailer never imagined her life any other way out of High School. She would go off to college to be a successful CEO of a corporate 500 company, and forget...
His Beautiful Nightmare by kaylaragan337
His Beautiful Nightmareby Trash
Vic was just a normal teenager, until he met Kellin, his beautiful nightmare.
Darling (A Kellin Quinn fan fic) by ptvbvbswsloverrr
Darling (A Kellin Quinn fan fic)by Pierce the veil
Lilac is the daughter of Vic Fuentes and Sandra Fuentes, and the sister of a younger brother and sister. She's popular, and liked at her high school. She doesn't really...
yellow paint by prettydallonweekes
yellow paintby c
darling, you're my yellow paint. i was the blank canvas, then you came along and splattered me with colour and light.
I Will Love You 'Til We Have Buried Our Bodies (Vic Fuentes) by XxJaeAngelicaxX
I Will Love You 'Til We Have Jae
Sequel to 'A Vic Fuentes Love Story'. Kayden has promised to never leave Vic's side. But will she break that promise when she decides that she 'just can't take it anymor...
falling for you ( a kellin quinn fanfiction) by mychemical_romance_
falling for you ( a kellin quinn mychemical_romance_
emily was abused by her adoptive mum but now she meets her biological father vic fuentes and age moves to America and meets possibly the love of ger life and things star...