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Crimson Red by _explosion_girl_
Crimson Redby _explosion_girl_
... ¡WARNING! I don't own bnha characters or pictures used in story. I only edit. This is DekuBaku story in which Bakugou is bottom. The story would have smut, cursing a...
Hero in our Hearts (Bkdk, Dadzawa) by Siya_Aurora
Hero in our Hearts (Bkdk, Dadzawa)by -Aurora-
Izuku became a vigilante after he lost his mother in an accident. Staging his death and leaving the bakugo's in despair on the tragedy of the Midoriya's, What is going t...
Prey and Predators | todobakudeku | bxb  by go-crazy-go-stupid
Prey and Predators | bakuhoe.thotsuki
Katsuki Bakugou a wolf, also classified as a predator. So why were two prey trying to court him?!
Auctioned Off | todobakukami | by go-crazy-go-stupid
Auctioned Off | todobakukami |by bakuhoe.thotsuki
At the yearly 'Hero for Auction' event. The men up for sale are Ground Zero | Katsuki Bakugou, Deku | Izuku Midoriya, Red Riot | Eijirou Kirishima, Cellophane | Hanta Se...
Dont cry.I am just a Freak by loldeeznutz234
Dont cry.I am just a Freakby KatsukiBakugou!_
Remake of my Most famous story! "Thank you for the love" BUT its just a tiny bit different in the ships and plot. Read to find out more😘
The Warwolf and the Wolf  by Villain_TodoBaku
The Warwolf and the Wolf by ?
Find out for yourself I don't own mha
Heather by small_puffin
Heatherby ✨Yujji✨
Katsuki had loved Shoto for years from childhood to now being the best friend they were. When the other began to fall for another person Katsuki was in great denial. Wi...
Dekubaku Oneshots by Natkou
Dekubaku Oneshotsby Natsuki Haomini
Exactly what the title says. I have a ao3 account where I'll cross-post most or all of these stories (DreamKat on ao3 too). This 'book' doesn't have a schedule so I'll p...
𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐛𝐨𝐲 (bottom kacchan) (dekubaku) by milky_wayzz
𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐛𝐨𝐲 (bottom kacchan) ( 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕜𝕪
I have made a reading list for uke/bottom katsuki bakugou and if you want to read some uke kacchan go to my profile and you can find (uke kacchan dekubaku) reading lis...
Maid suki by BLprincessBakugou
Maid sukiby BLprincessBakugou
Katsuki Bakugo . U.A student who had the reputation of an arrogant, selfish, smart ,aggressive angry Pomeranian. But little did anybody know that he had been wearing a m...
~HIS SECRET ADMIRER~ by mymelody12stars
Katsuki Bakugo, A Loner College Student With Good Grades Secretly Falls In Love With Izuku Midoriya, A Popular College Student With Decent Grades. How Will This Story Go...
Class 1a Gay Group chat [Might Continue] by MltShipper
Class 1a Gay Group chat [Might Lôvēsplãy
This story is gonna be Shenanigans And Gays Soft Bakugo. ships: kiribaku Tododeku( Top Deku) Shinkami( Top Kami) Momojiro Tsuchacko Seroiida( Top Iida) HagaMina M***ta...
Fuck You! by dannyc04
Fuck You!by dannyc04
Izuku is an adopted teen who is sick and in need of a cure that he can only get from a member of his biological family. Katsuki, a teen that finds a sudden interest in h...
Shoulda been a Bunny by FruityPineapple01
Shoulda been a Bunnyby FruityPineapple01
Izuku gets an internship with Midnight and comes back surprising everyone with how slutty and flirty he is now.
Heroes lost my trust | Aideku by SeraphimFawn-fallen
Heroes lost my trust | Aidekuby Lana
-Vigilante Deku AU - Losing trust in Heros made Izuku Midoriya despise both sides of quirk users, Villains and Heros. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Izuk...
The way he changed{DISCONTINUED } by PaxtelDream
The way he changed{DISCONTINUED }by Rose
Class 1-A find out what happens to Midorya in middle school with all the bullying and proceed to call katsuki things like Villian Monster And bully And so on Tho one...