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When in Sin City ;; Phil Wenneck by laurengraywills
When in Sin City ;; Phil Wenneckby lauren :)
When Doug Billings first got engaged, the third thing to pop into his mind was his bachelor party, the excitement that came with hanging out with his three best friends...
Bradga - One Shots🔞 by sweetangelbest8
Bradga - One Shots🔞by zoi kali
A series of hot Bradga shots 🔞You read this with your own responsibility.🔞
What Happened? P.Wenneck by friendlyhoe14
What Happened? P.Wenneckby Killer Queen
Aurora Stevens, divorced 34 year old, was always considered 'one of the guys' so when she was invited to her one of her childhood best friends bachelor party she obvious...
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (ocX phil wrenneck-the hangover) by route66toazkaban
What happens in Vegas stays in River song
Maddie stone better known as Matt is the only female member of the Wolfpack. Best friend to Stu doug and Phil. With dougs up coming marriage they decide to take a trip...
PROMISE by Maxisunset
PROMISEby Maxisunset
A tragic event connects Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga with a bond that will last them a life time.
ONE SHOT by gagaxbradley
ONE SHOTby lauriqueee ✨
Very , very graphic and strong language. Smut and kink 😏 One shot.
Rumor Has It by cocomiyu
Rumor Has Itby cocomiyu
Bradley was happy to learn his daughter already made a friend on the first day of school. But the girl's mother was a mystery to him. AU where Bradley and Gaga meet und...
The Hangover - Wild Night  by starkxstories
The Hangover - Wild Night by charlie
Phil Wenneck × OC For Doug's bachelor party, his friends decide to take him to the one and only Las Vegas. But they also ask they're childhood friend Alexandra Miller...
Bradga-OneShots♡ by Love-Bradga
Bradga-OneShots♡by ❤
A few One Shots/different Stories of Bradga ...just ideas that came to my mind. Please remember that everything is just FICTION😊😘 Fun Fact: Most of the time they get a...
The City of Bangkok;; Phil Wenneck by laurengraywills
The City of Bangkok;; Phil Wenneckby lauren :)
It's been two years since Doug's bachelor party disaster and now, it's time for Stu's. Only this time, they're nowhere near home, or anywhere familiar. BOOK 2/3 <slo...
I Wanna Sing You a Sunrise by finnstardust
I Wanna Sing You a Sunriseby finnstardust
Moments in the lives of Bradley Cooper and Stefani Germanotta.
It's all in the look by lovinlovee
It's all in the lookby lovinlovee
Gaga (aka Stefani) knew doing a movie was going to change her life, but she didn't think it would change it in as many ways as it did.
Christmas ~Bradga by Love-Bradga
Christmas ~Bradgaby ❤
🎄❤Christmas Stories about Bradga❤🎄 One shots😜 ... hope you like it!🙃❤
Event Horizon ━━ Guardians Of The Galaxy by -astr0phile
Event Horizon ━━ Guardians Of 彡𝘛𝘙𝘐𝘊𝘐𝘈ˊˎ-
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷When Ronan the Accuser, a Kree maniac who's only desire is to kill and destroy, gets a hold of one of the infinity stones, the only people able to stop him are a...
Take Me to Your Paradise by finnstardust
Take Me to Your Paradiseby finnstardust
She had done so much, experienced so much, but nothing could ever compare to having this precious baby on her arms. Sequel to "I Wanna Sing You a Sunrise".
Don't think by lovinlovee
Don't thinkby lovinlovee
AU! Gaga(Stefani) is a 2nd grade teacher. Bradley is a fire fighter chief. What happens when Bradley ends up attending bring your dad to school day, for his niece (who's...
Say You Want Me by deadlybbygrl
Say You Want Meby high princess
Gaga and Bradley are in love with each other, but they are too afraid to tell the truth to one another. What can possible happen to those who are soul mates but can't be...
Home (Lady Gaga Fanfiction) by Perfectglory
Home (Lady Gaga Fanfiction)by Rachel Kathleen
Laney had a hard life. Her father was abusive to her and her older sister had left her alone only a couple years ago. Laney was only fourteen but she had never been to s...
Unspoken (Prequel to "Letting Him Go" and "Behind the Curtain") by asuckerforloveeeee
Unspoken (Prequel to "Letting :)
Everyone has their own truth, but it always seems that the truths that we ache for the most are the ones that remain untold. This is the story of the "A Star Is Bor...
Waiting For A Star To Fall by IfOnlySine
Waiting For A Star To Fallby IfOnlySine
AU in which Bradley is an escort on his last job before he's definitely making it as an actor and Gaga is his client.