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Starborn (Skyward Spinface Fanfic!!!) by Starborn42
Starborn (Skyward Spinface Starborn42
This is just a Spinface fanfic I started because 1. Why not 2. SKYWARD IS AWESOME 3. I couldn't find enough Spinface content, so I though "Hey, why don't I make my...
Spinface one-shots by doritofly
Spinface one-shotsby doritofly
Spinface romantic fluff. If you want to read about something, drop it in the comments! **disclaimer, I don't own any of these characters, this is fanfic!**
Stormlight Archive Memes by Pug_Moneyz55
Stormlight Archive Memesby Bex
Way of Kings/Stormlight Archive memes and fan art
Cytonic Bound (Discontinued) by ayrcurlinggirl
Cytonic Bound (Discontinued)by Tabitha St. Amand
Discontinued - you can read it if you want but might not be happy with the ending My continuation of where Starsight left off. Storyline by me and the fantastic cover by...
Fanfiction de  Starsight o Nowhere  by Soficeal
Fanfiction de Starsight o Nowhere by Soficeal
So I was sad and a little bored and I thought: hey why don't I write a fanfiction about Starsight (by Brandon Sanderson)? And obviously one of my favorite couples: Spinf...
THE DARK ONE'S EYES by gmichaelreynolds
THE DARK ONE'S EYESby G. Michael Reynolds
Having survived the Seanchan invasion, Mat Cauthon is stuck in Ebou Dar. He finds that his incredible luck has failed him and now one of the Forsaken has orders to kill...
The Mistborn and the Masked Brigade *mistborn fanfic* by emmavale16
The Mistborn and the Masked Emma Vale
It's been twenty years since the Ascension and Vin's final battle. The world of mistborn and skaa have moved on. Society has chosen a king to lead them, Spook, or the...
Collector of Oddities - A Stormlight Archive FanFiction by Kazoram
Collector of Oddities - A Kazoram
The story takes place right after the events of "Words of Radiance" by the wonderful Brandon Sanderson. MASSIVE SPOILERS for the series! There are myths, legen...
Mayday by DAREGIRL88
Maydayby :p
This is my first fan fiction, and its Brandon Sanderson's Skyward. Maya, call sign Viper, is Jorgen Weights twin sister, who miraculously became a pilot at the age of 7...
Nebula by WriteofMind
Nebulaby Viana Rose
Together, they were unbreakable, and they shown brighter than the Sun. Their future was unclear, but that just opened up more possibilities. Literally wrote and publishe...
Cosmos - Skyward Oneshots by SkywardsGathering
Cosmos - Skyward Oneshotsby SkywardsGathering
A series of Skyward oneshots by the members of SkywardsGathering!
The People Who Love You (Skyward fanfiction) by Starborn42
The People Who Love You (Skyward Starborn42
This was a collab with @callsign_overdose :)
Writing A Bestselling Series by DavidFarland
Writing A Bestselling Seriesby David Farland
ARE YOU INTERESTED IN WRITING? Dave publishes a newsletter packed with amazing writing tips and teaches world-renowned writing workshops. His students include Brandon Sa...
SO MUCH COSMERE by riverdiver
SO MUCH COSMEREby riverdiver
Get ready for the highstorm (or everstorm, we mostly don't judge here) of your radiant life (lighteyed or dark; again, little judgement here). This book's gonna be stuff...
A Mistborn Novella by Blindbraille
A Mistborn Novellaby Nicholas
Just a short story in the Brandon Sanderson Cosmere. Obviously fan fiction. If I get more than a few likes or perusals I'll post the rest.
Nowhere Starsight [discontinued] by mmarie1415
Nowhere Starsight [discontinued]by Kin
Starsight Fanfic okay bye #1 brandonsanderson 4/13/20
Skyward flight INTERACTIVE truth or dare and would you rather  ;) by Starborn42
Skyward flight INTERACTIVE truth Starborn42
Basically, you give me truth or dare questions for Skyward characters, and they do them!
Claim the Stars: A Jensa story by Wise_girl_712
Claim the Stars: A Jensa storyby Sasha McKinney
Jorgen+Spensa=Jensa Re-writing their time in flight school so my fangirl OPT needs will be satisfied:D Not currently updating until book 3 comes out, but I will!! Come...
Best Books by SalaManders11
Best Booksby SalaManders
Basically, this is a book of books that I either really enjoyed or absolutely hated. (But mostly enjoyed) I will try to leave recommendations for other books if you comm...