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Freedom Series: Chasing Butterflies by MayIJustImagine
Freedom Series: Chasing Butterfliesby Keirstan
Finally, after escaping the abusive grasp of her father, siblings Nova, Nigel and newborn Neil are on the run. Leaving behind Saint Paul, Minnesota and all its bad memor...
Within/Without by _jnicole_
Within/Withoutby J. Nicole
Wattys 2019 Winner! "So when is it a problem? Oh, when you're in love." ----- Simon St. John is a liar, a cheater, a fraud -- but only because he has to be. B...
Candy Gram by Olivaughn
Candy Gramby olivia vaughn
EDITORS' PICK || COMPLETE Nick Buckingham is three things if nothing else: salty, antisocial, and the quintessential gay theatre nerd. He's content to drift through the...
Loving Gwen Stacy | A MARVEL STORY by mayday327
Loving Gwen Stacy | A MARVEL STORYby may
Every morning, this was my routine. Every morning, I had an hour of pure bliss that was then suffocated by the rest of my day in the closet. Every day, I hid who I was...
Brown Sugar and Honey {Bruce Wayne X Reader} by Anonymous_Lover_3
Brown Sugar and Honey {Bruce theeblackenchantress
"black women are made of brown sugar, cocoa, warm honey, and gold. the sweetest thing to bless the earth, with the strength of ten thousand moons be wary of anyone...
Breathe Me || Completed by NeverCatchMe
Breathe Me || Completedby Never
❝On our last day of third grade, Mrs. Vesper gave us a bit of a goodbye speech. "Good luck in your lives," I remember her saying. "Stay out of trouble. Yo...
Colorless Hearts by zelaughingqueen
Colorless Heartsby mary!
❝He was the dark night. She was the bright day. But their hearts were colorless, and yearned for the same change. ❞ - REVIEWS: "Colorless Hearts is an amazing story...
Aisle 10 by spark_ely
Aisle 10by ely
Jordan Terrell is tied to the Stonehall County Library by an emotional tether that she can't for the life of her break. Dominic Richards, however, is being forced into...
Pulse by _jnicole_
Pulseby J. Nicole
-Editor's Choice! Dec 2019 - 17-year-old Lucille Monteith wants nothing else to find her brother, who, despite what everyone says, she refuses to believe is dead. She'll...
If Tomorrow Was Today | Short Story ✓ by NathanielLeyva
If Tomorrow Was Today | Short Nathaniel Leyva
What would you do if the universe gave you a second shot at love? [#1 in youngwritershortstory 12/27/19]
Forever And Never by artmuseam
Forever And Neverby erika // 유리
Everyone has known Sasha Nam as rich, short-tempered, and cold-hearted. As the next CEO for Vivace, the world's hottest clothing line, Sasha is simply waiting for the mo...
Spirit-Sensitive | BxB by valethra
Spirit-Sensitive | BxBby ⋆☾lesbian overlord☽⋆
Michael Cross has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember, and he uses this gift to help ghosts move from this world to the next. Sometimes, people don't...
Piece Simul ✔ by Red_Harvey
Piece Simul ✔by Red Harvey
Russ, a former janitor, is now second-in-command on a mission to find a cure for The Storm. The Storm eradicated those sixty and older. There might be a cure, but not on...
Edge Of Tonight ⊳ Stiles Stilinski ✓ by -reyskywalker
Edge Of Tonight ⊳ Stiles ˗ˏˋ Ami ˎˊ˗
❝ It's a long way home, When you're on your own, And your only friends are the traffic lights, Speaking in morse code, The road is long, And I am tired, ...
monachopsis :: veronica lodge by kamalakhqn
monachopsis :: veronica lodgeby princess laina
monachopsis; noun; the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place ...
Olympian VIP by _jnicole_
Olympian VIPby J. Nicole
The gods are real. All it takes is this one realization, sparked by a short video no one expected to go viral, to turn 21-year-old Angie Nohl and her friends' worlds on...
love letters in braille ✔️ by n0ctifer
love letters in braille ✔️by charlotte
Oscar is blind. Jason is not. One hot summer day, when their paths cross by chance, Jason takes a leap of faith and Oscar helps him see the world in a whole new light. ...
Insecure - Tom Hiddleston Imagines Geared Towards Battling Insecurities by acefury
Insecure - Tom Hiddleston Ace Fury
This book will be specifically for combating insecurities we face. I'm doing this for several reasons: 1. In the event I do close and retire the other Tom Hiddleston i...
Deen Queens by hafyouseenhaffy
Deen Queensby hafsah sana
{A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} Saleena is a world famous singer, hating the glitter and the gold but remaining number one in the charts in sheer desperation. She will do an...
The Curse of Thelonious [✓] by hafyouseenhaffy
The Curse of Thelonious [✓]by hafsah sana
Unlike her twin sister, Lera Petre isn't too happy when her family moves back to Clearford, the home they left behind years ago. Very soon, rumours begin sweeping the to...