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The falling mask Saiouma/oumasai by Katcakexox
The falling mask Saiouma/oumasaiby Hanomi
Kokichi is a mysterious person .. no one actually knows what is in his mind , but they all assumed it was nothing good , one day the quick witted detective found out som...
Hollow Laughter and Empty Smiles by Didney_Worl
Hollow Laughter and Empty Smilesby Didney_Worl
A girl who is always smiling, but crying behind a mask. She finally reaches a breaking point. This is the story of a girl whose mask breaks and her true feelings are rev...
the broken boy behind the mask (Klance angst) by Snow_200
the broken boy behind the mask ( Snow_200
Lance has a secret he hopes he can hide from everyone but might not be able to. Lance has insecurities but he masks then so he's a funny person but in the soundproof wal...