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Mommy's Little Secrets (Left #1) by ooolmmm15
Mommy's Little Secrets (Left #1)by Olivia
Sabrina Harrison and Josh Parker have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. During high school, they began dating and planned to continue dating all th...
Paint A Picture (Left #2) by ooolmmm15
Paint A Picture (Left #2)by Olivia
Brynlee and Keegan Parker are all grown up. With Bryn in her last year of college, and Keegan climbing in the modeling world, everything seems perfect. Then Keegan revea...
Alone || COMPLETED. by Tiffanysafi
Alone || Tiffany
~Short Story~ Brynlee's existence amidst a scathing aunt had acquainted her to strive for herself and that love didn't exist. She's learned to be adored the arduous way...
the mysterious life of the new Hogwarts girl. by Briana323363
the mysterious life of the new Briana323363
The life of a British girl, Aria, who grew up not knowing who exactly her parents were. She has been raised by the Weasley's and her aunt Ruby. The older Aria got, the m...
Truelove is always unpredictable by LeanneMarino
Truelove is always unpredictableby Leanne Marino
Gabrielle is your normal teenaged girl going through school and drama and boys. Her life takes a turn when the unimaginable starts to happen to her and her twin brother...
Unknown Fae by TheKaylisia
Unknown Faeby TheKaylisia
Brynlee is the oldest living human on earth. Not that anyone knows that. But after six hundred years, life has become a bit boring. Until some crazy strangers attempt t...
Falling In The Dark (On Hold) by Virdes
Falling In The Dark (On Hold)by Desirae
He just kept falling. It was the oddest sensation for Lyndon. Of course he had fallen before, but not this far and most definitely not for this long. His heart no longe...
The Catalyst by NeonKolours
The Catalystby NeonKolours
Catalyst: a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. Change is hard for some people easier for others. Brynlee is one of those difficult people that would...
Posessive by _OtakuAnime__
Posessiveby _OtakuAnime__
Meet Brynlee Cruz-a fiery girl. She's the type of girl you wouldn't mess with. She is rebel in every way. Meet Alex Montgomery-a selfish, arrogant boy. No one dares befr...