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Zero: A BTS AU (On Hold) by ModronBearerOfLight
Zero: A BTS AU (On Hold)by Modron Melled
BTS X Reader Soulmate au You are just a normal person with a normal family, normal worries regarding school life and deciding your future, and a friend who was... well n...
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Supernova || knj (Soulmate AU) by RaNd0MwR1t3R
Supernova || knj (Soulmate AU)by Em
BTS Soulmate AU In this alternate reality, meeting your soulmate activates a soul bond that is identical for both soulmates. These soul bonds can either be temporary, pe...
『colours » kth』✓ by mymellifluous
『colours » kth』✓by k
[kimtaehyungxreader] soulmate au -in which he was colourblind and she taught him colour started: ten/thirty-one/nineteen completed: eleven/one/nineteen
Stars and expensive cars. (min yoongi x reader soulmate au) by got_jamz
Stars and expensive cars. (min Queen_ky
"of all the people to get stuck with I got stuck with you....... and I wouldn't want it any other way"
BTS Soulmates - Oneshots by SquishyDimin
BTS Soulmates - Oneshotsby I Have Jams
Included within this book are chapters about 7 boys who all go on adventures to find the person (boy, girl, all or none of the above) that fits their soul. -------- • pl...
seven colored canvas and an easel by yume0111
seven colored canvas and an easelby yuna
In this world, soulmates do exist, well.... maybe not so much as beautiful and as pretty as you imagined it to be, the world isn't really allowing every single one of us...
F A E R I E :: Park Jimin X Reader AU by _Emily_Krysis_
F A E R I E :: Park Jimin X "oh, beans"
In a world where when you touch your soulmate, a black mark appears on their skin where you touch them, and vice versa. But what happens when your soulmate, isn't even...
BLOOM by acopenhagenarmy
BLOOMby acopenhagenarmy
He searches for you in every part of the world he visits, and knows deep down that he'll one day find you. And when that day comes, he will be yours and you will be his...
Complete us - A BTS ot7+1 Soulmate story. by hildurrwrites
Complete us - A BTS ot7+1 Hildurr
Hannah did not believe the stories about soulmates were real, but how else can she explain how she woke up on her 20th birthday with a soul mark and seven different voic...
Supernova || knj (Soulmate AU) by Ashe_wing
Supernova || knj (Soulmate AU)by Emily Kiddle
** This is the current version ** BTS Soulmate AU In this alternate reality, meeting your soulmate activates a soul bond that is identical for both soulmates. These soul...
time step - A BTS AU (Random Updates) by ModronBearerOfLight
time step - A BTS AU (Random Modron Melled
BTS x reader AU soulmates. again. I like soulmates. If you don't, then well, be gone, or suggest something better (hardly anything is as relaxing, fun and easy to write...
Taehyung | | Soulmate AU ✔️ by immaturegiraffe
Taehyung | | Soulmate AU ✔️by ImmatureGiraffe
"I was taught since I was a child, that everyone should come into the world with a well-known quote." "It sounds silly at first, I thought so too. But it...
Yoongi | | Soulmate AU ✔️ by immaturegiraffe
Yoongi | | Soulmate AU ✔️by ImmatureGiraffe
Yoongi gasped for air, stumbling back. His hands trembled and his face was pale. Taehyung still held his shoulders with furrowed eyebrows. "T-the." He swallowe...
Bright Eyes and Hair Dye by cinnamontoasted
Bright Eyes and Hair Dyeby cinnamontoasted
MYG x OC soulmate au In a world where everyone has a soulmate, a pair of people a world apart (in more than one sense of the word) are thrown together and forced to buil...
The Very Hopeful, And I by taeguboi
The Very Hopeful, And Iby taeguboi / yeongfil
In this life, destiny is determined at birth. Each child that is born enters the world with permanent ink to the wrist, the writing which holds a significant meaning wit...
Something Meant To Be // HIATUS (BTS Soulmate x Reader One-Shot Collection) by keopitae
Something Meant To Be // HIATUS ( [ closed ]
HIATUS // Why do I feel so comfortable around you when we only just met? How have I come to instantly love you with all of my heart and soul? I feel as if the universe w...
Soulmate Switched | ONESHOT| by Kookie_tae_joon
Soulmate Switched | ONESHOT|by 가우리
A soulmate AU where you switch with your soulmate under 48 hours after making eye contact with them.
A Song and a Book (Namjoon Soulmate Fanfic)  by yume0111
A Song and a Book (Namjoon yuna
A soul splits into two parts when they're born, the terms are usually called : Soulmates. his songs had always been hers she just doesn't know it yet. Soulmates are rea...