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Bucci Gang's Bizarre Minecraft Adventures by i_am_foot_handle
Bucci Gang's Bizarre Minecraft Adv...by wagg
The gang plays Minecraft VR together but an enemy stand stops them from leaving the game. They must beat the game or else they can never leave Minecraft and continue the...
Apparition (Vento Aureo x Reader) by PlentyOfSprinkles
Apparition (Vento Aureo x Reader)by 𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝
"It's a good day to be a ghost." In which a girl lives out her best life despite the worst. Part 1 Started 9/1/2020 Finished 2/3/2021 #1 in lasquadra 10/5/202...
How to Hide a Body (doppio x killer!gn!reader) by Cactusperson12
How to Hide a Body (doppio x kille...by Trash author
who wouldve guessed that the quiet little bakery in the center of italy was run by a notorious killer? when Morte Nascosta, aka: (y/n) (l/n), begins to pick off members...
Yandere JJBA +++ by yachiwrites
Yandere JJBA +++by yachiblanca
My first book actually, i'm going to try my best and attempt to make a short fic of any scenarios ( ╹▽╹ )!!!💞 Warning : This contains dark shit, Viewer Discretion is Ad...
Of Flesh & Blood (Vento Aureo x Reader) by PlentyOfSprinkles
Of Flesh & Blood (Vento Aureo x Re...by 𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝
"Gravity is my little BITCH." Heaven couldn't be anywhere else but with her friends. Sequel to 'Apparition'
JJBA X Reader & headcanons [OPEN] by ALittleBoo
JJBA X Reader & headcanons [OPEN]by Socially unstable
➯ The art used in the edit is made by fairy-of-matter on DeviantArt « Jojo's bizarre aventure » belongs to Hirohiko Araki as well as the canon characters of the series √
🎓✏️🍎 Vento Aureo: Jojo's Bizzare School AU🍎✏️🎓 by MissieMcCrissie
🎓✏️🍎 Vento Aureo: Jojo's Bizzare...by Crissie
I love nichijou btw, you should watch it, it's great. --- Alternate, modern universe of vento aureo (Yes, modern) School AU of Pt. 5 that I haven't finished watching ye...
Mommy Bruno's Dumbass Children by _Aprita_
Mommy Bruno's Dumbass Childrenby _Aprita_
Snapshots of all the dumb things Bucci Gang force their team MILF to put up with. (One chapter for each Bucci Gang member hopefully) As of chapter two I actually drew a...
Vento Aureo X Reader (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) by ZaKakyoinSimp
Vento Aureo X Reader (Jojo's Bizza...by Leone
-Headcanons -One-shots -Drabbles -Alphabet requests (from Tumblr) Will be placed here. You can also request from here (on the Announcement book)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader by ender1027
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Readerby ♫ Izuru ♫
Just some JJBA x reader! Cover was made by me, all images used are not mine
suck it up, buttercup! | vento aureo by oblivionwunna
suck it up, buttercup! | vento aur...by toys in her tomb
[vento aureo fem!reader insert] in which a girl makes a deal with death in order to save her father and gets tangled into a bizarre situation with mafiosos dressed like...
One day your dear friend doppio calls you with an important mission from the boss,what you thought would be easy turned into a whole mess..
[JJBA comics male reader insert] by CalicoCitrus
[JJBA comics male reader insert]by ༉‧₊˚.Citrus༉‧₊˚.
<Request are open!> The comics are based on artist even the comic dubs you watched!
~MY JJBA ART BOOK~by CEO_of_th0ttery
🦋My Jojo's Bizarre Adventure art🦋 All the art is made by me I hope y'all enjoy this 👌🏾
Sunshine Of Our Lives by AndromedaSwan
Sunshine Of Our Livesby AndromedaSwan
Takes place a couple months after the events of Vento Aureo. Bruno finds out the drug dealer he was sent to kill had a baby girl, and he decides to take care of her like...
giorno is reunited with both families by daddy_kirby
giorno is reunited with both famil...by strawberries.
when jonathan saw the tears gathering in the corners of the sixteen year old boy's- his son's- eyes, he couldn't help but gasp.
Color Club JJBA: Denim by Josumin04
Color Club JJBA: Denimby Josumin04
El conjunto de vivencias colorean tu corazón hasta alcanzar una gama determinada, el cual, definirá todos tus pensamientos, sentimientos y preferencias. Para poder compr...
GOËTIA • A Diavolo X Neutral Reader X Risotto Fanfiction by potatokujhoe
GOËTIA • A Diavolo X Neutral Reade...by Amuna
(On hiatus for two month or so) "Whatever you sell has a price." Circa 2001, Italy. The assassination squad of Passione finds itself at crossroads two years af...