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{ normal again. † From Ashes one shots. by anarchxst
{ normal again. † From Ashes one s...by A. J. Newton
A series of missed moments, thoughts, and memories. [one shots for From Ashes, book one in the Apocalypse Rising series.]
Felix Fierce - Season 1 by TSPking1994
Felix Fierce - Season 1by The Self Proclaimed King's Fa...
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" spin-off based fan-fiction series that follows male slayer Felix Fierce as he learns to accept his destiny wit...
Here We Go Again by goregeous
Here We Go Againby goregeous
[[Slayer line wasn't completely activated. Only some were activated. Sunnydale wasn't destroyed but extremely damaged. Lost a good portion of the city.]] --------- After...
"Heliophobia..." by regertz
"Heliophobia..."by Robert E Gertz
Restored to Humanity but plagued by the legacy of his past, William learns that Buffy may be in the grip of her most dangerous foe. But who is villain and who is victim?
Here We Go Again by _SeraTheBloody
Here We Go Againby _SeraTheBloody
[[Sunnydale didn't get destroyed; Slayer line wasn't activated.]] --------- After the final battle, Buffy left for L.A. to be with Angel, leaving a heartbroken Spike, an...
"The Groom of Rosenberg..." by regertz
"The Groom of Rosenberg..."by Robert E Gertz
In an alt universe Willow Rosenberg has resurrected Buffy Summers the really hard way, with consequences.
Christmas Gifts... by regertz
Christmas Gifts...by Robert E Gertz
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cicelyverse tale...The first Xmas after William's transformation in 1880, Spike catches up with friends and family...
"Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year..." by regertz
"Spring Will Be A Little Late This...by Robert E Gertz
Cicely Addams Walthrop's tragic fate is revealed. But is all hope lost?
An Angel's Gift by lukeismyegg
An Angel's Giftby kat
Katherine Corp was a fourteen year old who lived with her mom. She was completely normal, until a few years ago when she was beginning to go through the awakening of a...
Surreal by nataliedamnitt
Surrealby nataliedamnitt
Ashley, a 17 year old girl, craves the life of a regular teen, but her encounters with demons, fallen angels, and the afterlife lessen her chances of ever being normal.