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Vegaspete (My Heart Bodyguard) by VateySeng
Vegaspete (My Heart Bodyguard)by Build Jakapan
Pete Pong Sakorn, the bodyguard of the eldest son of the Theraapanyakul family, has a crush on the eldest son of the Vegas Theraapanyakul family, but Pete knows this lov...
Behind His Cold Behavior ✔️ by Lynnarbe
Behind His Cold Behavior ✔️by L.N.B
Life could be the strictest teacher for us, it allows us to be arrogant, to be fool and to be broken. But what's good in life is the fact that we are enjoying every litt...
Mafia boys and Their love story  by e_loves_offgun
Mafia boys and Their love story by e_loves_offgun
Plot : The story revolves around two Mafias Off & Mile. Off, Bible and Barcode are brothers. After their father's death Off is handling their father's business which is...
Loving Him Is Red by Lynnarbe
Loving Him Is Redby L.N.B
Lust And Love Series: Loving Him Is Red *** Losing him is blue.... Missing him is grey.... But loving him is red.... They said 'it's not love if it's not hurting you' b...
រឿង «នាមត្រឹមភរិយា» by ParkJipich
រឿង «នាមត្រឹមភរិយា»by Pichpichbp
សាច់រឿងនិយាយពីខ្សែរប្រឡាយដ៏អន្លាយស្ទើរស្មានពុំដល់មួយ រវាងកំលោះតូចធំទាំងពីរ... Writer: Park Jipich Writer Tiktok ID: pichpichbp Writer FB: Park Jipich ...
my boss by writingurluv_
my bossby writingurluv_
Pov: your long lost bestfreind and the one who's always been there for you was your boss but you cant remember anything about him after the accident the day the two of y...
Our summer days by gyunamu_loverholic
Our summer daysby gyunamu_loverholic
This is a story of Bible Build were classmates. Build fall in love with Bible at the first sight that Build has obsession and feeling possessive towards Bible until the...
Stranger  by Rein_like_Rion
Stranger by juzcallme_Minus
"Where's your Home" "The place where being with Him"
Fatherhood | Vegas Theerapanyakul  by lilBlackLilies
Fatherhood | Vegas Theerapanyakul by lilBlackLilies
= COMPLETED ! = 〖 vegas × pete fanfiction 〗 What happens if Pete and Vegas quarreled about Vegas' treatment towards their son, Venice, and the only way Pete would forgiv...
🍬 You and I 🍬 by pkchan1998
🍬 You and I 🍬by Honey_Chan
🍬BibleBuild🍬 {19.8.2022}
Sunflowers and yellow roses [JeffBuild] by Venecia341
Sunflowers and yellow roses [ La_uña_del_pie_derecho_de_Jef...
One shot de mi Ghost Ship Favorito JeffBuild. *Historia completamente de mi autoría. *No se busca dañar la imagen de ninguno de los actores, ya saben que sólo es ficción...
Fake Wedding (BibleBuild) by VateySeng
Fake Wedding (BibleBuild)by Build Jakapan
becoming the wife of a big thai business owner does not make this boy happy because of becoming this wife to protect the safety sweetheart of husbands "You should...
Gosh!! I'm really in love with that guy AGAIN! by Rein_like_Rion
Gosh!! I'm really in love with juzcallme_Minus
No No No! I can bet that I DON'T LIKE HIM! Uh..Gosh! S.O˙˙1522023˙˙ E.O˙˙532023˙˙
ឧបសគ្គស្នេហ៍ [ចប់]  by Joonrie
ឧបសគ្គស្នេហ៍ [ចប់] by Haniey
បៃប៊ល អារីស្ទៀន / បៀវ ណាអុីន
BibleBuild Story Compilation by Dyosaleciously
BibleBuild Story Compilationby Dyosaleciously
Bible and Build short story Compilation
💚 လွည့္စားလိုက္/လြၫ့္စားလိုက္ 💚(10.10.2022) by pkchan1998
💚 လွည့္စားလိုက္/လြၫ့္စားလိုက္ 💚( Honey_Chan
ငါတို႔ေတြကြာရွင္းျပတ္ဆဲလိုက္ၾကမလား? ငါတို့တွေကွာရှင်းပြတ်ဆဲလိုက်ကြမလား?
Please Don't forget about me (Completed)  by JaySumettikul
Please Don't forget about me ( J
Midnight Train to Georgia | BBB one shot by teelatala
Midnight Train to Georgia | BBB teelatala
"I found you without looking, and love you without trying. When I look back to the the day we met, I still see the start of my favorite love story."
〝Ai Hma〞 by Rein_like_Rion
〝Ai Hma〞by juzcallme_Minus
ခွေးတစ်ကောင် ပေးရန် အလိုရှိသည်။ သတိ-ပိုင်ရှင်မှတပါး ကိုက်တတ်သည်။ S.O˙˙24102022˙˙ E.O˙˙2332023˙˙