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I'm not a Monster (A Poppy Playtime Story) by Gwaedhil
I'm not a Monster (A Poppy Playtim...by Gwaedhil
In this story, a young innocent boy named Lune enters the old Poppy Playtime Factory. Lune despite his innocent nature, begins to piece together what events transpired a...
Bunny Boy | Bunzo x Reader by SpaceCandyyy
Bunny Boy | Bunzo x Readerby 𝕊𝕡𝕒𝕔𝕖 ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪
After dealing with Huggy Wuggy and Poppy, Y/n blacks out. She wakes up to realize that Poppy is gone and a strange door is now available. What Y/n doesn't know is that t...
Element in Playtime CO by Cat-con
Element in Playtime COby Cat-con
Part of the Bois in the guardians of the multiverse (in my channel) I don't own any of them, the Bois is a multi fandom group I made, I only own my own OC, Galactica and...
Ask and Dare Poppy Playtime & Cie by TheMarionnette
Ask and Dare Poppy Playtime & Cieby ☆The Puppet☆
Playtime Co, a factory left abandoned for years because of Bankruptcy, according to the public. However, this is not the truth behind it's closing. After a event nicknam...
Elliott's Daughter (Poppy Playtime x Reader) by LittleCarousel_22
Elliott's Daughter (Poppy Playtime...by Little Potato Carousel
Please note that this takes place before the workers went missing Y/n a 5 year old girl who was adopted by Elliott Ludwig himself. He had a wife and another daughter. Y...
An Angel In Demon's Disguise by TheYuniArachne
An Angel In Demon's Disguiseby I Am Yuni
What if a human hadn't returned to the factory? What if it was one of their own that saved them? What if a toy saved an entire factory and defeated a monster?
The Old Friend {Poppy Playtime X Reader/Discontinued} by StarGuard11
The Old Friend {Poppy Playtime X R...by シ★Star The Villain Kinnie★シ
Your Parents never had much time to play with you so they daily dropped you off at playtime.co. You were friends with everyone there...Until you moved to Canada for your...
Poppy Playtime (Gametoons version) x Reader  by That1CartoonLover
Poppy Playtime (Gametoons version)...by That1CartoonLover
Your family started tearing apart. Your parents started arguing every day. You've finally had enough and ran away. You didn't know where to go, but you finally found a h...
Life of bunzo by A1exi_1003
Life of bunzoby Alex
Stories, headcanons, and other stuff written of bunzo. Some stuff is from canon, some is from my AU, and some is from a roleplay server
Puppy Love(A Bunzo x PJ Story) by Chocolate_Charli3
Puppy Love(A Bunzo x PJ Story)by Chocolate_Charli3
Yes I ship PJ and Bunzo I'm aware that they're both most likely experiments but just respect the ships you don't have to like it just respect it also thx for 1.3k reads...
poppy playtime x reader one shots by EmotionalMessT-T
poppy playtime x reader one shotsby Ace
Hello this book will be containing lemon Gore and basically it's based off of horror thing so obviously there's going to be core but please read at your own risk and als...
Rouge •Poppy Playtime Fanfic• by CottageCheez45
Rouge •Poppy Playtime Fanfic•by Random_Guy37
WARNING - There will be gore, also this is my first Poppy Playtime fanfic, so sorry if it's bad. What's the time? Playtime! Playtime Co. has been known for making many...
A Fluffy Robo Friendship by normansolos
A Fluffy Robo Friendshipby ONYX
Story about Huggy wuggy and Boogie Bot being friends, maybe more. (Huggy x Boogie Bot ig? ||| No clue how a cute little story about them being friends became this LMFAO)
Bunzo Bunny and Pj-Pug-A-Pillar rate Poppy Playtime Ships by Chocolate_Charli3
Bunzo Bunny and Pj-Pug-A-Pillar ra...by Chocolate_Charli3
The artwork isn't mine I'll make a separate part crediting the artists
Bunzo Bunny x Hoppy Hopscoth Sketch book by Eagatitaxx29
Bunzo Bunny x Hoppy Hopscoth Sketc...by :v
This is like a book where I make drawings and sketches of Bunzo x Hoppy who are two characters from Poppy Playtime and I just like the shipp :3
Poppy Playtime: What is My Purpose? by HaleyBurns7
Poppy Playtime: What is My Purpose?by Spinaxxx1
After chasing down an intruder that had stepped foot into PlayTime Co., Huggy Wuggy is surprised when this person's shows him a kindness. Written from Huggy's perspectiv...
 Tangled Love | MommyLongLegs x femreader by liypurevanilla
Tangled Love | MommyLongLegs x f...by liypurevanilla
Not my proudest moment but it is what it is.. (DISCONTINUED FOR NOW) So it's fem reader pov (sorry to the boys if there are any) There will be no specific time for updat...