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New Creator [Bendy x Reader] by LzOfficial
New Creator [Bendy x Reader]by Lz
[Being Rewritten] (Y/N) Stein had only met their Great Uncle Twice. Their great Uncle's death hadn't come to a surprise to them, but When she finds that he had left her...
A different loop by BoredKidLikesBatim
A different loopby BoredKidLikesBatim
Joey Drew was getting nervous watching his old pal fighting for his life and continuing the loop the exact same way he did before. His old pal was getting closer to sett...
baby!bendy and baby!boris x parent!reader by creepydolly95
baby!bendy and baby!boris x parent...by creepydolly95
you play as a parent who is raising a baby demon and a baby wolf.... oh boy... (Includes the projectionist! Alice angel! The butcher gang! and more!)
Writing on the walls by Loovixan
Writing on the wallsby Loovixan
Henry is sick of the same loops, over and over, nothing ever changes. That is, until of course something does change. And that one thing changing, changed the whole lay...
Into the darkness by Loovixan
Into the darknessby Loovixan
This is a remake of batim, so basically the same game except my version of it. there will be some Batim ships in it that are mostly gay (don't judge meh) And Henry will...
Sammy Lawrence oneshots by taliaduskwalker2005
Sammy Lawrence oneshotsby taliaduskwalker2005
Sammy Lawrence x the batim characters I will NOT be doing smut only fluff and maybe angst I do not do x reader
Before the ink by Loovixan
Before the inkby Loovixan
Do I make too many batim books? Absolutely. Will I complete this one and make many more after. Of course. Will I ever stop. No. This one is set before all of the ink st...
The Butcher Gang: The Legend of the Ethereal Stones by Samtasticpanda
The Butcher Gang: The Legend of th...by Pandais only here for books
The Butchers were enjoying a typical day, until Charley and Barley get captured by a power-hungry king and Edgar seeks aid from a fairy. Edgar then has to embark on a qu...
Ink And Blood~A Bendy And The Ink Machines Fanfiction {Under-heavy editing} by AreebaDazzle
Ink And Blood~A Bendy And The Ink...by ♥️Amber Heaven Dremurr♥️
Ink and Blood... Ink can be poisonous to the ones who have it in contact It can claim and control the minds of someone and take over them Making them someone they are no...
The Ink Trials (A Bendy & The Ink Machine AU) by InkyFalls023
The Ink Trials (A Bendy & The Ink...by Dipper Pines
Bendy, or Ben, a small boy who lives not far from the spooky Laboratory only known as the Studio, is kidnapped by the strange Dr. Joey Drew who resides there. A scientis...
Deep Within The Studio by Monotirix
Deep Within The Studioby Mono
I'm putting this on this account but I made a story called what lies below the workshop
Butcher Gang ask book by Edgarthespidderboi
Butcher Gang ask bookby Pips
It's all in the title. Updates may be slow because of school, sorry in advance ;v;
The Machine Must Endure by writingtillitends
The Machine Must Endureby Rachelys Correa-Figueroa
19 years after her father's disappearance Lilian goes to the animation studio that her father was last seen. Not knowing anything about the terrifying past of the animat...
We're Friends...(BatIM) by Aurora-Ciphers
We're Friends...(BatIM)by Aurora-Ciphers
We all know the story. After receiving a letter from his old friend and Co-Founder that goes by the name Joey Drew, Henry Stein returns to his former workplace. What awa...
Beggars Can't be Choosers [BATIM Mob AU] by Applekinz
Beggars Can't be Choosers [BATIM M...by no dice
"Benjamin Devil" is a title that can only be recognized in Manhattan, and dreaded by anyone that understands why the unmerciful demon is immortalized. For yea...
🔪|| butchershipping 1shotz bc !!!! yeah ||🔪 by johnnywouldntdie
🔪|| butchershipping 1shotz bc...by johnny poo
" Edgar didn't say anything, he just turned his head to face the other two. While they were just standing there, commenting about the night sky, he never felt as cl...
Batim Rp by fnaffamely
Batim Rpby The Glitch
I was and i am bored..
Stained By Ink by Flare787
Stained By Inkby Flare787
Escaping the studio was his main priority when he saw the horrors that lurked. Every time he made progress, it would slip. Every time he made a friend, they were taken a...