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Our Infinite Love (A Tadashi X Reader) (*COMPLETE*) by ShayGamer
Our Infinite Love (A Tadashi X ShayGamer
I'm not good at descriptions. This is my first X reader. Basically you are the new girl in town. You meet Tadashi. He changes your life for good. Will you ever find tru...
~Jealous~(A HIRO X READER) by ShayGamer
~Jealous~(A HIRO X READER)by ShayGamer
Hi. I'm Hiro Hamada. I'm 15 now and live with my brother Tadashi. I found him a couple months ago. I am also in love with YN. She is perfect in every way. I write song...
My Princess A Hiro X Reader  by ShayGamer
My Princess A Hiro X Reader by ShayGamer
Princess YN has never found love so what happens when she has a crush on her new knight. Will they fall in love? Hiro Hamada is a young boy training to be a guard tryi...
Garmau 1(*COMPLETE*) by ShayGamer
Garmau 1(*COMPLETE*)by ShayGamer
I love Garroth. He is my best firend he loves Paige his blonde, Girlfriend.. Who is hotter than me. I love him. Will he choose me?
This Love Sequal To Our Young Love by ShayGamer
This Love Sequal To Our Young Loveby ShayGamer
Aphmau has been gone for 1 long year. Garroth has been waiting for her. Aphmau is finally coming back to her true love. Katherine has been back with Garroth and Laurence...
Our Young Love (*COMPLETE*) by ShayGamer
Our Young Love (*COMPLETE*)by ShayGamer
Garroth:She's the one! Laurence: Man! She has a boyfriend! Garroth:I can't watch him with Aphmau no longer! Aphmau and Garroth are best friends. Aphmau started dating Dr...
This New Love? *Short Story* by ShayGamer
This New Love? *Short Story*by ShayGamer
Aphmau was a 13 year old has loved her two friends Garroth and Laurence Laurence is rich While Garroth is poor They were separated from each other Aphmau came back a...
Tagged Stuff by ShayGamer
Tagged Stuffby ShayGamer
Garmau 2 by ShayGamer
Garmau 2by ShayGamer
Ow my head! I said as my husband Coal. Head guard to Zane. I don't remember ourr life together but I know I will! Garroth: she's been missing... My Aphmau is alive And I...
Their Love~ A Sonamy Story by ShayGamer
Their Love~ A Sonamy Storyby ShayGamer
Sonic lost the love of his life when he was younger. She was taken from him. Now he's found her.. but will she remember their love?!
Songfics 2 by ShayGamer
Songfics 2by ShayGamer
Dec.1 2018 start March 6th 2020 published This is the second book with one shots based on a song. Read book 1 as some of the chapters relate to the 1st book. All x reade...
MC Diaries Drama by ShayGamer
MC Diaries Dramaby ShayGamer
Aphmau: Its my first day in Phoenix high. Me,my brother Levin and mom Irene. We just moved here my neighbor seems nice and doesn't talk much. I'm being bullied still...I...
Songfics  by ShayGamer
Songfics by ShayGamer
Songfics! This some short stories and songfics! Duh. All about TADASHI, HIRO~KUN, Kirito and so much more!!!!!!!!!! Below are songs I may use! Angel with a shotgun - the...