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Secret Love  by dokvus
Secret Love by kae
when Alberu Crossman met Cale Henitsu for the first time , that's when he knew he liked boys. As the founder of the famous band Silver Shield , Cale was Alberu's idol an...
the fate changer by shadowalphawarrior
the fate changerby ALVAH
og cale Where cale knows the future and he will change it by pulling the strings in the dark Read to find out
better than him by dokvus
better than himby kae
in a dark room with no light the only thing that help lighten the room is the light from the moon that shine bright through the window at that night . Inside the dark ro...
wide open ? by dokvus
wide open ?by kae
Just a normal day everyone were in the meeting room discussing a plan for the next war until cale and alberu have a different plan then they start arguing. Kinda nsfw i...
The Siblings [TOTCF] by ManjaManja146
The Siblings [TOTCF]by Manja Manja
The Henitsu's noble household is the happiest noble household you'll ever see.The household consist 5 members of this happy family.The parents,twins and the youngest chi...
The Reason To Life [HOLY TRINITY TRIO] by Star_stream8020
The Reason To Life [HOLY TRINITY •°★°•Goddess of galaxy•°★°•
The god and the goddess of galaxy think there something wrong with some universe and give a mission to they student to take care of it while studying the world !¡Picture...
Drawing Better Myself!! (FanArt) by Nanasheep88
Drawing Better Myself!! (FanArt)by Nanasheep88
Just a lot of Fan art... mostly from TCF, Fate/Stay night, Detective Conan, or maybe my OC, and fandom that I like! feel free to use it for your story, just tag me if yo...
Song Of The Universe [totcf songfit] by Star_stream8020
Song Of The Universe [totcf •°★°•Goddess of galaxy•°★°•
I make this just to entertain myself and to show my inspiration from the song 😊 there so many au in this fanfics bad english :') bad grammar !¡picture is not mine¡! ×sl...
Eleceed!?Wha-cale!?Whatttt!? by FuckingVoidBitch
Eleceed!?Wha-cale!?Whatttt!?by FuckBitch
Ok I know I shouldn't be writing another story since my other one not even half way done,butttttttttt I saw a story about a girl being reincarnated in along with Cale an...
The Siblings {Second Account} [TOTCF]  by im_no_foes
The Siblings {Second Account} [ KILL ME PLEASE
The description is the same as the og account story. I'm just too lazy to write it again sorry... TW: mention of child abuse, rape, blood, gore