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Viscious by Itara13
Visciousby Itara13
*cover image is not mine* After an unexpected divorce, Alina goes back to her hometown in search of a new place to call home. With a strict budget, and little wiggle r...
Upon Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer
Upon Wings Of Changeby Crystal Scherer
No one ever said what would happen when dragons and aliens meet. And no one told me that I would be in the middle of it. Tasha was studying hard to get through her last...
Wolf 911 by XxFawn_SongxX
Wolf 911by XxFawn_SongxX
A young 2 year old wolf is caught. She is thrown into a breeding Facility. Will she learn to live in captivity or will she try to escape?
Left Behind (A Dramione Romance) by MarissaWalkerWriter
Left Behind (A Dramione Romance)by Marissa F. Walker
#1 In Bound (08/19/21) When the Chandelier crashes down at the Malfoy Mansion Dobby Apparates without one member of the group: Hermione. Stuck inside a house with the Da...
Hidden- Ninjago by The_lightning_ninja
Hidden- Ninjagoby ⚡️
"They kept us hidden all this time because they wanted everyone to rely solely on the royal family. Well guess what? We're going to get out, and there's no stopping...
Lullaby  by StAl2LiGhT
Lullaby by 🌻🪲Brooke 🌿🐇
(Based on the Academy series by C.L.Stone. Do not copy as a lot of this is original work from other stories I'm working on. I just wanted to play around with them in a f...
Trapped With Wings by DiamondWillowTree
Trapped With Wingsby Diamond Willow
[Complete - under editing] (A fan's side story of Upon Wings of Change) *I thank Crystal Scherer for the wonderful book that inspired this run off story that takes place...
Captive Breeding by XXXIvyWinters14XXX
Captive Breedingby Ivy Winters
Four part book!! Each parts a different story from each main character. _______ They get sold. Their bodies on display for all the men. In today's world, women are sol...
Ruins (The Jewel Project #6) by Wimbug
Ruins (The Jewel Project #6)by Stef❄
"There's nothing ever certain about life. Sometimes we believe we're winning when, in fact, we only trap ourselves deeper under ruins of our own making." Every...
[DISCONTINUED] ~•°His Princess°•~ {Technoblade X Reader}  by Ally_pipp
[DISCONTINUED] ~•°His Princess°• pippa
this is a reader x technoblade there will be no smut but some kisses please read first chapter for more info<3 <3have fun<3 Oh and btw please don't be disrespe...
The Devil's Queen by The_Teen_Fanfic
The Devil's Queenby ANIKA
In a world where light and darkness clash in a breathtaking showdown, meet our remarkable heroine, a 17-year-old with a burning vision for a brighter tomorrow. She embod...
Someone? Anyone? by 4real-fiction
Someone? Anyone?by 4real-fiction
Written by Izen Torres January 7th 2003 - February 18th 2022 Rest in peace **TRIGGER WARNING** PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE "Son. Who did that to your wrists?"...
Chained With Scales Of Change by TheMightKingCobra
Chained With Scales Of Changeby Sweet dreams
(DISCONTINUED) When scientists start kidnaping people, nobody said I would be a victim. Nobody said I would meet aliens either.. 19 year old Vienna suddenly found her s...
The Archer Princess by tg7angel
The Archer Princessby tg7angel
"I told you. I never did anything wrong." Her voice faded into a weak whisper. The Prince's eyes grew cold. "Beat her again. Beat her until she spills.&qu...
Maternal Bonds by Ireland_Ranger
Maternal Bondsby Ireland_Ranger
Loki's cell was cracked during the skirmish in the prison. He escapes. However instead of leaving Asgard, he finds Frigga in the hands of Malekith about to be killed. I...
Resident of the Earth by Nivi_2107
Resident of the Earthby Nivi
Jude has just finished high school and moved out of her home. In this new phase of her life, she couldn't help dreaming about her middle school math teacher, Mr. Gareth...
Why must sin taste so bitterly sweet (fyozai) by conniesno1fangirl
Why must sin taste so bitterly Idkwhatimdoingtbh
Fyodor grew up his entire life being warned of the horrors of sin and those who carry it within them. Sin is evil, it is all that is wrong in the world, so why on earth...
The Nursery by helpme1997
The Nurseryby brian
The year was 1954. Two high school seniors planned a party after school one day. However, no one that they had invited didn't end up arriving to the party. That's when e...
Lilith Stark: The Galactic Witch by yelxnakxte
Lilith Stark: The Galactic Witchby Odette Barton
"No matter how hard I try, it's never good enough for you. I have powers and you go running off to the boy fifthteen streets over!" "I'm doing this to pro...
Under The Wings Of Change by SpeckOfMagic
Under The Wings Of Changeby SpeckOfMagic
One day she woke up with no memories of her past, but if there was one thing she knew, it's that she didn't use to be a miniature dragon with stripes on her scales. The...