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Male Villain Reader x MHA by GoldExperienceAct2
Male Villain Reader x MHAby Deidaddy
Okay, think of the monster from Carrion (if you haven't played it, you definitely should) and make it into a hyperintelligent monster that cosplays as an anime boy
Bloody Hell [Carrion!Male Reader x Overlord] by Monolithic_Regressor
Bloody Hell [Carrion!Male Reader Ciel Sakurajima
"I.... Must.... [Devour]....." That phrase always brings chills down every players spine when heard in the murky swamps of Yggdradil in it's first release, a p...
stuck with the title by cyrpinedaa
stuck with the titleby Cyril
I'm Isabel, 18 years of existence. My story goes like this.
Blood by FireladyofInk
Bloodby Flaming Soul
It crawled through the vents, haunting the facility. Not a single Soul is safe from it's whims, the entire structure closed down to prevent the creature from escaping in...
Carry On, Carry On, Carrion Pie by Bohoja
Carry On, Carry On, Carrion Pieby Business Bear
A mental breakdown in poetry form. Ever had some carrion pie?
Revelations and Incantations by TheRiverGod
Revelations and Incantationsby TheRiverGod
Revelations and Incantations is a collection of poetry inspired by Biblical verses, the end-of-the-world phenomena, solitude, romantic literature and experiences living...
Prey by RuseBolton
Preyby Damien
As history tells it, in the year of the scorched earth phenomenon the world plunged into chaos, plants and animals alike all suffered and died, little survived. To fill...
One shot dump by plantplanter333
One shot dumpby plantplanter333
Hello! This is where I'm gonna put any one-shots that I make, they wont all be complete, so be warned.
The Pulse Rifle by JJMarmite
The Pulse Rifleby JJMarmite
Much was lost following the Catastrophe. If humanity is ever going to be great again it must salvage what it can from wreckage and learn the mistakes of the past. These...
Débaucherie Funèbre / Maggot Meat-ing by donlou
Débaucherie Funèbre / Maggot Donald Legault
Do you not feel him crawling about with ever increasing activity? Relishing your putrid state amid the decayed skin, empty arteries, and hallowed eyes! Sometimes its bet...
Mercy | Demon Lord Carrion by 5Hounds1Human
Mercy | Demon Lord Carrionby Morgan
Auburn Xander, a summoned child that grew up in the Great Forest of Jura. She had to learn to survive on her own and so she did. She had nothing to lose, she was missing...
Stolen by Fading-echoes113
Stolenby Fading-echoes113
A collection of poem-like entries. WARNING: Dark themes
Favored Demon Lord (Tensura x OC) by FuyukiEmiyo
Favored Demon Lord (Tensura x OC)by Sasageyo!
Shin Valentine, He's Father is a American, while his mother is Japanese. His Father is a CEO at a company at America while her Mother was the daughter of the strongest Y...
Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken x Reader: The Tempest Mummy  by Swimmer101Rose2
Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken Swimmer101Rose2
Y/n, a very honest and hardworking woman who could do no wrong to others. She always helps those in need, goes to work on time and had a few good relationships here and...
Carrion Forest (Carrion male reader x TTIGRAAS) by GoojiraDoctor
Carrion Forest (Carrion male troubled household tutorials
From the game called Carrion (great game, you should go play it.) comes this story of a reincarnated man. Instead of getting reincarnated as a cute creature or some powe...
A carrion story by gabrielepastori
A carrion storyby Gabriele Pastori
A carrion story from the beginning of time and the adventures that followed. Some stories are yet to be told. Are two genetically identical beings and with the same back...
Devourer of the Universe by jquin082020
Devourer of the Universeby jquin082020
A soul had become corrupted because of it's past, the corruption itself broke away from the reincarnation system. Once the soul broke away it started building a body tha...
CARRION: THE INFECTION  by sliverdagger
CARRION: THE INFECTION by @silverdagger
the red tendril like creature has multiplied, leaving the rest of the staff and workers at the mercy of hundreds of ravenous tendril creatures . a lone man, the survivor...