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Love at age by cartoonqueen2008
Love at ageby Luna
LOVE AT AGE Cassandra returns to corona after 4 years . Still no sign of her destiny , but she's extremely excited to see friends again especially one alchemist . Cass...
•Your Destiny Is Magical• Cassarian story by 100percentorganic
•Your Destiny Is Magical• CH@€₩●N
Hey! This is my first Cassarian story with occasionally a one shot in between, sorry if it's bad This story won't exactly follow the storyline of TTS, I'll be changing i...
Valentines Week by TheBlackPearl_06
Valentines Weekby Black Pearl
This year Corona will be celebrating Valentines week with great festive geasture or a little tooo much. Rapunzel secretly wishes that Cassandra will have a boyfreind and...
He Belongs To ME. (Cassandra x Varian) by SeikoKishinuma15
He Belongs To ME. (Cassandra x SexyEzekielTDI
In the same universe as my other Tangled story. So, slight far future spoilers. Varian is fifteen, almost sixteen, and Cassandra is twenty-two. Don't get me started on a...
Cassarian A Love Story by LauraK678
Cassarian A Love Storyby Laura
Some Cassarian Stories
Cass and the Alchemist by imnobodylol1
Cass and the Alchemistby 𝒾𝓂𝓃ℴ𝒷ℴ𝒹𝓎𝓁ℴ𝓁
_inspired from beauty and the beast_ COMPLETED- Varian lived in Corona with his friend Eugene. They had a perfect life until the moonstone has been discoved and stolen...
Blinded By Stardust by Jadiina_Hope_7-7
Blinded By Stardustby Jadiina Hope
Cass had been looking for her destiny outside of Corona for several months when she gets an invitation to Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding and decides to go back. When she...
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Cassarian|| One Shots by karla_savv
Cassarian|| One Shotsby Benny Masetti
🇮🇹Una semplice raccolta di one-shot sui Cassarian (Varian e Cassandra di Tangled The Series). Richieste sono accettate. 🇪🇦Una simple colección de one-shot de los Cas...
Life of Opal by ElizabethShelby
Life of Opalby Liz
One-shots, short stories, and comics featuring my OC Opal and her life in Corona! To learn more about Opal, check out my highlights on Instagram: @disneyfanatic1993
Tangled After The Series - There's No Such Thing As 'The End' by lanterndreams240317
Tangled After The Series - There' lanterndreams240317
Five years ago, an ancient demon was vanquished. Five years ago, the kingdom of Corona got its 'Happily Ever After'. Five years ago, a former handmaiden left to find her...
Betrothed To Your Enemy by Cupcakegirlpower
Betrothed To Your Enemyby Cupcakegirlpower
Cassandra was beyond angry at her mother and father. How could her parents do this to her? The people of the Dark Kingdom were their enemies! How could they arrange a...
Everyone Deserves A Second Chance, Even You (Ongoing) by ulf-phantom
Everyone Deserves A Second Ulf Phantom
Varian is stuck in prison for serveral years after attacking Corona, he slowly gives up on wanting to have his revenge, though he can't give up on the feelings he has fo...
Cassarian- Incorrect Quotes by karla_savv
Cassarian- Incorrect Quotesby Benny Masetti
Some incorrect quotes about Cassarian
Once Upon A Switch by AmberlySunny
Once Upon A Switchby Marii Yoonsoo
Cassandra is Rapunzel's lady-in-waiting and personal guard at the same time. The princess was meant to marry the crowned prince of the Dark Kingdom, Varian. Everyone in...
Cassarian Oneshots (Requests Are Open) by VibishaLakshman
Cassarian Oneshots (Requests Are S. V. Lakshman
Oneshots about Cassandra and Varian! I take requests on: -Fluff -Angst -Anything else -No smut Hope you enjoy!!!!
one shots tts, mlp and more by 7090gaby
one shots tts, mlp and moreby 7090gaby
Here just some one shots i am gonna make just be aware that some may contain spoilers if you have not seen this series completed and that some of these are like test on...
Varian and the unfair accusation (English) by variancass
Varian and the unfair accusation ( 💫🔥🌺
Drawing by @ kade02mangaka Varian decides to visit Cassandra. On his way, the captain of the guard stops him and chains him into a wagon. The wagon starts moving and a...
A Not So Happily Ever After by GabenathShipperBest
A Not So Happily Ever Afterby My Friends Call Me A Spider
After Plus Est En Vous Cassandra stayed in corona she felt alone and depressed her friends are with her but her kingdom is not Many believe Cassandra deserves punishment...
Change | Tangled The Series Fanfiction by AmberlySunny
Change | Tangled The Series Marii Yoonsoo
Varian, no longer a little boy and the known Royal Engineer of Corona, was tasked by Queen Rapunzel to find her lost friend, Cassandra. He didn't know why he agreed to d...
Disney Cassandra's Destiny | The FireSun Opal by RemixDisneyOfficial
Disney Cassandra's Destiny | The Remix Disney
Cassandra is on her own adventure to try and seek out her destiny with her great friend Varian, them 2 will face some challenges ahead and at some point Varian will leav...