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Monster boyfriend imagines  by raekentalbot
Monster boyfriend imagines by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
About monster-boyfriends can send requests in if want to it will be Morden and also medieval
Horsing Around (sans x baby!centaur!reader) by SnoopyWoodstock9
Horsing Around (sans x baby!centau...by The Legion
It was a normal day in Undertale, or so it seemed. Sans was sleeping at his sentry post in hotland until he heard crying of a baby nearby. Curious, he went to investigat...
Monsters x Reader one shots by MMA1999
Monsters x Reader one shotsby Bluestar Cat
I've kind of been reading more monster stories lately and thought "oh this could be fun if I wrote one shots." Simply for fun if you love these things that spo...
Rise (Percy Jackson x Reader) by imagines_i_guess
Rise (Percy Jackson x Reader)by s
BOOK ONE of the percy jackson x reader "Flower Girl" series! - She was falling. Down into the fiery pits of Hell. Her eyes were closed, her hopes deserted. But...
Climb (Percy Jackson x Reader) by imagines_i_guess
Climb (Percy Jackson x Reader)by s
BOOK THREE of the percy jackson x reader "Flower Girl" series! make sure you've read Rise & Fall! - Patience is often considered a virtue. When necessary, even...
The Legendary Hero: Myth (Quirk Deku AU) by _JESUSINAJAR_
The Legendary Hero: Myth (Quirk De...by
Izuku Midorya was born with a powerful quirk lives in a super human society. After losing his mother at the young age Izuku goes to the orphanage. What will happen when...
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergi...by Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
Destined Kills by Bellethekitten
Destined Killsby Belle
Some are accidental, but these were destined kills. Destined? Well, in her perspective, at least.
Life as an arena's healer by Shadow_trooper2
Life as an arena's healerby Shadow_trooper2
Fantasy smut following a healer, in an arena
Sagittarius: The Archer by mikaneversleeps
Sagittarius: The Archerby Mika
Just some things about Sagittarius'.
Lily Luna Potter: The Ravenclaw? by AwkwardlyMegs
Lily Luna Potter: The Ravenclaw?by Meghan
Lily Luna Potter, beloved daughter of none other than The Boy Who Lived himself, is excited but very frightened to go to Hogwarts for the very first time. When the Sorti...
Sacrifice for a Wish by Magnoliapowers
Sacrifice for a Wishby Magnolia
In this sequel, follow Wren and the five dedicated men in her life, through the looking glass into a new magical world. A world with flying horses, leprechauns and cent...
The Arena (Complete) by violet_stone003
The Arena (Complete)by Violet Stone
Captured and forced to fight for their survival. Two unlikely creatures find companionship in one another. A gryphon haunted by his guilt and a panther who had forgotten...
Offspring of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fanfic) by winterfloof04
Offspring of Nowhere (Centaurworld...by WinterFloof04
Book Two of "A Change of Nowhere" . . After they were wedded, Adalie and Elk decided to start something new together: Have a family of their own! And they did...
A Centaurs Fate by CierraElizabethLesca
A Centaurs Fateby AnimeWolfGirl
Deep within a magical forest is a land of mythical creatures known as centaurs,but one of the centaurs is not an ordinary one,in fact,he is the son of the Forest herd le...
Eighth sin of apathy. The crow sin. (seven deadly sins x oc) by pisces0302
Eighth sin of apathy. The crow sin...by pisces0302
Norihc (nor-ric). The eighth sin of apathy... is a child? How could a mear child be a deadly sin rumored to be able to kill an army with an emotionless face? Find out yo...
To Love A Myth - Book 1: Mr. Higgs and the Maid✔️ by strawberryichigo15
To Love A Myth - Book 1: Mr. Higgs...by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 104 in regency Merida Dunbrough is trying to find a job in England as a maid when she comes across a manor at the bottom of a hill. The girl tells her tha...
The Moon's Twilight(COMPLETED)(HALFYNX SEASON 1) by Macckiee
The Moon's Twilight(COMPLETED)(HAL...by TheGreatest:)
Divina Alinac is not some girl who walks on the streets, she's adventurous, a lady who's fond of stories told upon by her mother, a lady who looks up to Divine alinac he...
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞 by eljesala
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞by E.J.
There'd be a mix of different content, majority composing smut, and maybe a bit of fluff here and there. Content warnings will be displayed on the top. Read at your own...
Heirs of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fanfic) by winterfloof04
Heirs of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fan...by WinterFloof04
The third and final book of the "Change of Nowhere" series . . . . It's been 10 years since Elk's death, and the twins are growing up fast. Still trying to get...