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My Sister's Mate  by MadeenahJunaid
My Sister's Mate by Madeenah Junaid
It was just a week before Asena's wedding when she suddenly died of heart cancer. Heartbroken, Alpha Asher, her mate, almost committed suicide by adding wolfsbane into h...
Ceo Jeon's Little by CammyLub
Ceo Jeon's Littleby Cammy
Ceo Jeon being a single dad who is not interested in a relationship meets the cute little..... It's a vkook ff The story contains: 🤬 swearing 🏳️‍🌈 boy×boy 😍 romanc...
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Painted love by Verfallsong
Painted loveby Sua
The story of a college student with a tragic past and famous CEO My friend forced me to publish this story, but it's not really good since I write just for fun This stor...
His Name? Mr. Suave | A CEO Romance  by CameoLover93
His Name? Mr. Suave | A CEO Amy N. Johnson
After Natalia gets accepted for a job at her dream company, she and her boyfriend pack up everything and move to New York. At first, everything is perfect. Natalia gra...
AGREEMENT AND LOVE 3 by Neena Natalie 😍
AGREEMENT AND LOVE 3 .... Alexander suppasit a well know ceo and a singer of Thailand who runs a big empire which was handover to him by his grandpa and daddy ... But n...
Complicated by yussybabe01
Complicatedby yussybabe01
Eshaal a lovely spirited,religious, annoying, cocky but really nice muslim girl betrayed by her best friend, can't seem to trust anyone anymore and suddenly felt alone i...
Charmaine by themonalisa3
Charmaineby themonalisa3
UPDATED DAILY I feel his hand slide down my back and settle on my thigh while the other one cups my face. His hand trails up into my skirt, making its way to my most pri...
Absolute Series #1: Lawrence Freyr by madlxa
Absolute Series #1: Lawrence Freyrby madlxa
Absolute Series #1 Skyler Fernandez is a world-renowned model. Though coming from a well-off family, he still worked hard for what he earns and it's about damn time he g...
The Difference Between Our Love. by Triciasimp
The Difference Between Our Tricia robredo
Callie. A well known actress and lawyer decided to enter a business project with her twin brother zivi. From US all the way back to the Philippines where her darkest mem...
Breaking the Heavens by DeeSparta
Breaking the Heavensby DeeSparta
[BL] Series Updates 5 times a week, Monday through Friday After a great war in the heavens, Angels and Demons was allowed to go to Earth and interact with humans withou...
Amore by soph1awritesss
Amoreby Sophia
When mysterious rich girl joins the school, she steals the heart of the school's shallow playboy. Viola Hawthorne, daughter of the richest Ceo in Europe. But after her...
Where My Heart Belongs by halasaad1991
Where My Heart Belongsby Hala Saad
Anika was a 5 years old when she was left in the Orphanage by an Old man, now the Playful careless 18 years old is in the suitable age to leave the Orphanage and search...
When Secrets Unfold by CottonKleio
When Secrets Unfoldby Kleio
Kianna Torres did all her best just so she would not live a life the way her mother did. Will everything play out the way she wanted to?
CEO LOVE  by Mileapolove
CEO LOVE by mileapo world
Hey there loves this is my first fan fiction about mileapo hope you guys like it English is not my first language so plz try to understand and also this story contains...
Finally Found A Groom  by YashikaAgarwal165
Finally Found A Groom by Yashika Agarwal
Laasya Agarwal, a beautiful Indian girl, who has spend more of her life in a foreign country, But after a broken heart, she came back to India- her home. Now that 28 ye...
Blood Bound by kunjuzz2
Blood Boundby kunjuzz
how a normal city girl's life changes after meeting vampires
FINALLY 22 by LyssahTraicey
FINALLY 22by Lyssah Traicey
Nala finally turns twenty two and is able to escape the patriarchal rule of her father. Wanting to explore her new found freedom she moves into the big city and ventures...
A Year To Fall In Love (One Shot)  by s_j_r10
A Year To Fall In Love (One Shot) by Shelicious
How would you feel if you were the last person to know that the man you love is about to die?
The Boss' Boyfriend Is Among Us [Namkook] by Ggukie_Tokki
The Boss' Boyfriend Is Among Us [ 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
"Someone in this department is Mr Kim's boyfriend, we'll find you whoever you are!" "100 dollars on who guesses it right!"
My pretty girls by SLUT4NR
My pretty girlsby THE ORIGINAL SIX
Scarlett Espinosa A 21-year-old with a shy three-year-old daughter named Olivia Espinosa. She is in her third year of college. Works at a cafe and a library. She is try...